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ColorWare outs iridescent Beats by Dre Studio headphones

04/25, 4:20pm

ColorWare offers $1,000 versions of Beats by Dre

ColorWare has begun shipping the ColorWare Collection, which are three iridescent-colored Illusion Beats Studio by Dre headphones. The customized Monster phones will only be available for a limited time, though the company isn't saying how long exactly. The chameleon-like effect will shift colors depending on the angle from which they are viewed.


Colorware starts customizing iPad 2

05/03, 4:30pm

Colorware offers customizing options for iPad 2

Colorware has began offering custom painted iPad 2s, with a configurator now available on the company's website. The rear body can be painted, as well as the Apple logo on the rear and the home button on the front, all independently of each other. There are 21 solid color options, the same amount of metallic hues and four pearl shades to choose from. Either gloss, original or SofTouch finishes are available, with the last adding $10 to the price tag.


Colorware adds new Macbook Air to its custom range

11/24, 5:30am

Individuality, however, comes at a price

Colorware has turned its attention to the new Macbook Air range in order to add a splash of custom color to Apple’s latest ultraportable. Users have the option of customizing individual components of their Air, including the lid, logo, screen surround, keyboard surround, hinge, bottom, as well as a user’s Air Superdrive or Magic Mouse. For anyone in need of inspiration for a winning color scheme, the Colorware website also offers a ‘brainstorm’ function that allows users to see random colorizations.


ColorWare splashes its custom colors on iPod touch

10/12, 6:20am

Buy direct from ColorWare, or send yours in

ColorWare has added its color treatment to Apple’s new iPod touch. Users have the option to purchase an iPod touch directly from ColorWare or send theirs in for customized touches. There is a wide range of standard colors available, including solid and metallic options, in gloss or in softouch. Users also have the option to create their own custom colors.


ColorWare offers custom colored iPhone 3G

08/04, 5:05pm

ColorWare iPhone 3G

ColorWare recently announced it is now offering custom-colored finishes for the iPhone 3G, either on a brand-new model, or a user's existing device. ColorWare boasts a scratch-resistant, UV-hardened finish, with a selection of 35 solid or metallic colors. Coloring can be applied to the back, chrome frame, home button, SIM card tray, earbuds, and dock. Any combination of colors – whether complimentary or contrasting – can be applied to the device, starting at $150.


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