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DXG intros ultra-budget 3D, HD camcorder

10/20, 3:05pm

DXG outs dual-lens $300 3D HD camcorder

DXG, known for its ultra-affordable HD and 3D cameras, has merged the two with a launch of the DXG-5F9V 3D camcorder on Thursday. It can shoot 1080p videos in either 2D or 3D thanks to its dual lenses. There is also a flip-out, 3.2-inch LCD that produces glasses-free 3D.


DXG intros $70 3D camera

06/15, 1:25pm

Merges 2011 imaging with 1930's viewing technology

DXG has begun shipping the DXG-018 point-and-shoot digital 3D camera. The camera uses dual lenses to take side-by-side photos of a subject. The images, once printed, can be viewed with a special viewer to create the desired stereoscopic 3D effect.


DXG unveils 3D-enabled compact camcorder

04/13, 7:55pm

Consumer-level camera offers 3D viewfinder

DXG has unveiled one of the first consumer-level cameras capable of recording video in 3D. The DXG-321 allows users to record standard-definition video and still images in either 2D or 3D. A flip-out 3.2-inch LCD works as a viewscreen during recording, while the company also includes a seven-inch LCD display that shows 3D content without requiring special glasses.


DXG ships low-cost pocket 720p HD camera

06/27, 8:20am

DXG-567V HD Camera

DXG is expanding its still-new HD video camera lineup with the DXG-567V. The pocketable camcorder is capable of the same full-speed, 720p recording in H.264 as the earlier 569V but switches from the larger, swivel-display format of the earlier camera to a smaller LCD on the back of the camera, allowing it to fit in more places. DXG still gives the device a built-in web upload feature that, with Windows software, streamlines getting video to YouTube or other video hosting sites when the 567V is connected to a computer through USB.


DXG intros ultra-budget 720p camcorder

04/28, 3:10pm

DXG-569V HD Camcorder

Entry-level camera maker DXG today introduced one of the least-expensive HD-capable camcorders on the market. The DXG-569V is capable of recording a full-speed, 720p (1280x720) picture and uses a similar H.264 encoding technique, letting users edit videos directly in newer video editing tools or upload videos to YouTube without having to first change video formats. The camera primarily trims costs by dropping optical zoom in favor of a 2X digital zoom with LED flash for focus.


DXG launches low-end HD camcorder

01/04, 3:55pm

DXG low-end HD camcorder

Budget electronics maker DXG has released the DXG-566V HD (not pictured), its first entry-level HD camcorder. The 566V is a five megapixel model, and supports HD resolutions up to 720p at 30fps, and D1 resolutions up to 720x480 at the same framerate. Highlights includes a three-inch LCD, support for both SD and SDHC cards, and the ability to shoot stills (with LED flash) at an eight-megapixel resolution.

Reflecting the budget nature of the camera, however, stills are interpolated at that resolution, and there is no optical zoom -- camera owners must instead fall back on 2x digital magnification. The 566V HD is on sale now for $150.


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