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EPEAT tablet registry lists almost nothing but iPads

08/20, 12:12pm

Organization debuts new Tablets/Slates category, required for gov't purchasing

The Apple iPad is overwhelmingly dominant in a new EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) category covering tablets and slates. Out of 135 devices currently registered, 134 are simply different configurations of the iPad Air, iPad mini, and fourth-generation iPad. The one non-Apple entry is the Dell Venue 11 Pro.


iFixit dissects new iMac, likes specs, pans repairability

12/02, 11:40pm

New iMac gets 3 out of 10 in repairability

Computer and gadget repair site iFixit has performed the requisite teardown of Apple's new 21.5-inch iMac, gauging the new desktop's internals as well as the ease in repairing it. The repair company positive things to say about Apple's new desktop, calling its internals "commendable." Its repairability, though, is quite another story, with the 21.5-inch all-in-one scoring just 3 out of a possible 10 on iFixit's scale.


EPEAT responds to iFixit's complaints

10/19, 4:22pm

EPEAT says it's not flawless, but is the most effective standard

EPEAT has issued an official response to iFixit founder Kyle Wiens' missive dismissing the standard as flawed in the wake of the organization's decision to grant the Retina MacBook Pro EPEAT Gold certification. In a letter sent to Electronista, EPEAT defends it decision, noting that it does not claim to be a flawless standard but that it is the most effective standard.


iFixit casts doubt on EPEAT Gold over Retina MacBook

10/16, 6:59pm

iFixit accuses EPEAT of 'greenwashing'

In a caustically-worded piece, the CEO of iFixit has decried both the EPEAT environmental certification program and Apple's Retina MacBook Pro in particular, claiming that the former's Gold certification of the latter constitutes "greenwashing," or a form of spin in which deceptive marketing is used to portray a product as environmentally friendly. He claims that EPEAT bent the definitions of its own rules in order to grant Gold status to Apple's 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, as well as several other "ultrabook" class devices from other makers. The result, he contends, is that the EPEAT is ultimately weaker, compromised to a degree that could bring the technology industry to an inflection point, with significant implications for the environment.


NEC rolls out new 22-inch IPS LED eco-friendly monitor

09/05, 8:12am

NEC adds EA224WMi to 1080p LED monitor range

NEC is has rolled out its latest 22-inch monitor in its MultiSync EA range, the EA224WMi. It incorporates an IPS planer for wider viewing angles and minimal color shift and offers a standard 1920x1080 resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The use of LED backlighting helps it achieve its EPEAT Gold eco status, while it also lends itself to a thinner design and a lower weight.


Apple backtracks, puts eligible products back on EPEAT list

07/13, 3:09pm

Mansfield admits withdrawal 'was a mistake'

Apple has reversed course on an earlier decision and put all qualifying products back on a list of products certified to the EPEAT environmental standard. The decision was announced today through an open letter by Bob Mansfield, Apple's soon-to-be-retired senior VP of hardware engineering. "We’ve recently heard from many loyal Apple customers who were disappointed to learn that we had removed our products from the EPEAT rating system. I recognize that this was a mistake. Starting today, all eligible Apple products are back on EPEAT," the message begins.


US federal government mulls dropping Apple computers

07/12, 3:04pm

Effects of EPEAT withdrawal begin to ripple

The federal government has joined the list of US political bodies reconsidering Macs in the wake of Apple withdrawing products from EPEAT certification, according to a government source reached by Politico. A product's EPEAT rating is considered by many organizations looking to buy computers in bulk. The source notes that the federal government is currently in the process of making procurement decisions for fiscal 2013; officials are reportedly worried that with Apple backing out, other companies may follow suit, wrecking government attempts to buy environmentally friendly hardware.


Apple discusses withdrawal from EPEAT certification

07/10, 11:59pm

Calls Energy Star 5.2 and existing Apple programs 'comprehensive'

On Tuesday, Apple responded to media coverage regarding its recent withdrawal of the entire Apple product line from the EPEAT green-certification index. The EPEAT criteria, last changed three years ago, doesn't measure toxic material reduction, nor does it index smartphones or tablets. EPEAT's rules mandate that it must be easy to separate any toxic materials from those that can be recycled.


San Francisco to halt Mac buys in wake of EPEAT issue

07/10, 1:34pm

Could be harbinger of wider problems for Apple

San Francisco will soon stop buying Macs for the city's 50 agencies, according to Department of Environment officials speaking with the Wall Street Journal. The officials say that within the next two weeks it will send out letters to agencies explaining that Macs "no longer qualify" for city money, following Apple's request to have 39 desktops, monitors, and notebooks pulled from a list of EPEAT-certified products. Workers will still be able to buy Macs, but only through a process described as "long" and "onerous."


Apple withdraws Macintosh line from EPEAT certification

07/07, 7:01pm

Voluntary certification program co-founded by Apple

Apple has withdrawn all of its Mac products from EPEAT certification and will no longer be submitting items for review, according to a recent announcement by the recycling rating service. EPEAT is used by hundreds of companies, universities and government agencies in dozens of countries as an index of electronics recyclability. Despite the withdrawal of all Macs, most models still meet EPEAT standards for recyle-ability -- but the move could foreshadow some changes in design on the horizon.



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