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Grace Digital launches Encore Stereo Wi-Fi Music System

02/18, 8:50pm

New device gives immediate access to 50,000 music streams

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and networked audio solution provider Grace Digital has introduced the Encore (GDI-IRC7500) Stereo Wi-Fi Music System on Amazon. Boasting a powerful tweeter and woofer arrangement, the Encore promises what the company calls "clearer vocals and deeper bass compared to the industry standard."


Grace Digital Audio outs EcoXPro waterproof speakers

06/07, 4:40pm

Speakers enclose smartphones, MP3 players, protect from water

Grace Digital, maker of an array of speakers and audio peripherals for smartphones and other devices, has announced the addition of a new waterproof speaker case to its EcoXGear line. The new EcoXPro case fits iPhones, as well as other smartphones and MP3 players, protecting devices from water and sand, while amplifying their sound. The EcoXPro waterproof case is fully waterproof, and is designed to accommodate iPhones, Android and Windows phones, BlackBerries, and MP3 players.


Grace Digital Internet radios get color, touch, iPhone app

12/30, 10:05am

Grace Digital Solo Touch, Bravado X, Mondo hit CES

Grace Digital hoped to get in updates on its radios before a wave of CES news with the launch of three new Internet radios. The Bravado X, Mondo and Solo Touch now have color, higher resolution displays that provide a much clearer and more image-driven interface. All three can be controlled either from buttons or from the company's iPhone remote control app (free, App Store).


Briefly: Verizon 15Mbps DSL, Grace weatherproof speakers

08/30, 2:55pm

Grace outs weatherproof speakers

Verizon has launched a new DSL tier that gives subscribers 10Mbps to 15Mbps downstream and 1Mbps upstream. The new internet service is priced at $60 per month, while customers who also have a voice plan with Verizon will receive a discounted price of $50 per month. Small-business pricing information has also been released, with prices starting at $90 per month by itself on a two-year contract, and $100 per month contract-free.


Grace Wi-Fi streamer gets companion iPhone app

05/04, 6:15pm

Grace Solo tuner has iPhone remote control

Grace Digital hoped to stand out among Internet radio tuners with the Solo. The hub links up to any existing speaker system and streams either 18,000 preset stations, custom-programmed stations, or services like iheartradio, Live365, Pandora and Sirius over an 802.11g Wi-Fi link. Although it has built-in controls, it's unique in having the option of an iPhone app (free, App Store) that serves both as a remote control and as a way of checking track info away from the built-in screen.


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