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Netflix lands multi-year content deal with Hasbro

04/10, 6:50am

Netflix snares new multi-year deal with Hasbro

Netflix has landed a multi-year content deal with Hasbro. The freshly inked contract will give Netflix members instant access to ten popular franchises including new content and catalog seasons of Hasbro content. New titles now available for viewing include Transformers Prime, G.I. Joe: Renegades, The Adventures of Chuck & Friends, My Little Pony, and Pound Puppies.


Hasbro denied early ban on ASUS Transformer Prime

03/27, 12:50pm

Court says Transformer Prime too different

Hasbro saw at least a temporary setback in its lawsuit against ASUS over the Eee Pad Transformer and Transformer Prime names. A federal court judge denied a preliminary ban after finding that ASUS' Android tablet was too different from the Transformers' brands characters and toys, even with the clear allusion. ASUS' description was also a literal reflection of the tablet's keyboard docking feature, not just an attempt to seize on a familiar name.


Hasbro, Nerf revive Lazer Tag with iOS-linked blasters

02/07, 12:15pm

Hasbro, Nerf make Lazer Tag an iPhone, iPod game

Hasbro and Nerf have brought Lazer Tag back with iOS as its cornerstone. While the blasters can work in multiplayer without any device, mounting an iPhone or iPod touch in a special holder gives them an app that both extends the firing range to 250 feet and introduces a HUD that shows the trajectory and ongoing stats. As many as 24 people can play at once with leaderboards that can update mid-match.


Hasbro sues ASUS for 'stealing' Transformer Prime name

12/21, 7:10pm

Hasbro says ASUS stole Transformer name without OK

Hasbro late last week sued ASUS for allegedly violating its trademarks with the Transformer Prime. The toy designer claims ASUS is too close to blending the Transformers and Optimus Prime names. In a statement, Hasbro asserted that ASUS was effectively banking on association with the legendary animated show, comics, and toys to sell the Transformer Prime.


Razer launches Transformers 3-branded mice, accessories

06/29, 10:25am

Razer, Hasbro out Transformers 3 gaming gear

Gaming peripherals and accessories maker Razer has just unveiled three new products carrying Transformers 3 branding. This includes specially painted versions of the company's DeathAdder mouse, available in yellow, red, silver and purple. The former two colors are festooned with the Autobot logo, while the latter are only available with a Decepticon symbol.


Monopoly Live board game eliminates disputes with IR tower

02/09, 12:30pm

Monopoly Live to have electronic overseer

A electronically-controlled version of the classic board game Monopoly is due to arrive in stores this fall, the New York Times says. Called Monopoly Live and made by Hasbro, the board has a 10-inch tower in the center that is powered by four AA batteries and covers the board in infrared light. A camera sees reflectors on each game piece, tracking them and ensuring rent is paid.


Hasbro add-on promises 3D on iPhone, iPod touch

11/08, 6:40pm

Hasbro My3D to bring 3D images to iPhone, iPod

Hasbro plans to show a new gadget to investors on Tuesday that will let iPhone and iPod touch owners view 3D images. According to a Monday report, the attachment will be called My3D and will let users view 3D thanks in part to special My3D apps. Some apps will need to be paid for, while others will be free. Hasbro worked with Apple on the development of the add-on.


Hasbro A.M.P. expands on Rolly formula

06/20, 8:25am

Hasbro AMP

Hasbro this morning unveiled the A.M.P, or Automated Music Personality. The wheeled but otherwise humanoid robot borrows the same philosophy as the Sony Rolly and at once simplifies and expands on it. Rather than integrate its own MP3 player, the Hasbro device lets users plug in an iPod or any minijack-equipped player into a case on the back; in its simplest mode, the robot automatically detects beats and dances in sync with 49 pulsing lights.


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