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Apple, Google say Interval lawsuit should stay frozen

07/06, 7:40pm

Apple, Google want Interval patents reviewed first

Apple and Google in a court filing on Wednesday argued that a freeze on Interval's lawsuit should continue. The two wanted no further developments until the USPTO determined whether or not Interval's patents were completely original or if some or all of the patents might have been preceded by earlier works. Judge Pechman had been concerned that the definition of the patents, if upheld, could change the nature of any trial.


Interval patent lawsuits frozen as patents given second look

06/24, 4:05pm

Interval lawsuits stopped for patent reexamination

Interval Research's lawsuits against web giants has faced a setback in the past week as Judge Marsha Pechman froze the cases. All of them are on hold until the USPTO conducts a reexamination of all four of the Paul Allen-backed company's patents. The case will now go ahead only if the agency finds that the patents were still valid after checking for prior art and other criteria.


Woz: Paul Allen should stop 'that patent troll thing'

05/04, 11:35am

Wozniak chastises Paul Allen for Interval suits

Frequent public speaker and Apple co-creator Steve Wozniak in a speech at the Embedded System Conference openly chastised former Microsoft pioneer Paul Allen for his anti-Internet patent lawsuits. Allen's Interval Licensing case was frankly described as "that patent troll thing" and something Wozniak wanted to discourage. Patents themselves were "not worth that much," he said, and Allen was simply hoping to profit from destructive lawsuits rather than be creative and produce something meaningful.


Interval's anti-Internet patent suit overwhelming its court

04/26, 3:30pm

Interval patent suit creates a headache in court

The lawsuit filed against Apple, Facebook, Google, Yahoo and more companies by Paul Allen and his former Interval Research lab is proving to be tough for the court to handle. A federal judge in Seattle, Marsha Pechman, is faced with managing eleven defendants and Internet-related technology along with intellectual property issues that date decades back, GeekWire reported. The hearing is also expected to see many industry and technology experts take the stand.


Court tosses Interval lawsuit vs. Apple, Facebook, Google

12/13, 8:50am

Court says Interval patent lawsuit too broad

Judge Marsha Pechman on Friday dismissed Interval Licensing's patent lawsuit against major online providers. The official tossed the complaint for being too "spartan," as it didn't identify what devices or services actually infringed the patents with "any specificity." The case, filed in a Western District of Washington court, accused Apple, AOL, eBay, Facebook, Google's YouTube, Netflix, Office Depot, Staples and Yahoo of copying technology Interval owned patents for Internet commerce.


Google alliance, Apple move to get Paul Allen lawsuit tossed

10/24, 1:15pm

Google and Apple file to dismiss Interval lawsuit

A union of companies led by Google, as well as Apple on its own, have filed motions to dismiss a sweeping patent lawsuit launched against them by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's Interval Licensing. The alliance, which includes AOL, eBay, Facebook, Netflix, Office Depot, Office Max and Yahoo, called the lawsuit "scattershot" in its motion this week since it not only targeted many varied companies but couldn't identify the specific services that were allegedly infringing on its browsing and notification system patents. Without enough details, it wasn't possible for Google to even mount a defense, the Seattle court motion read.



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