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Panasonic settles with Klausner in patent fight

04/28, 3:00pm

Panasonic buys into Klausner voicemail patents

Panasonic has entered into a patent license agreement with Klausner Technologies, effectively ending a patent fight between the two. The hardware giant is now covered under Klausner's US Visual Voicemail patents for its enterprise visual voicemail that include Choicemail DECT cordless telephone answering devices. The legal case has been dismissed.


Klausner adds to voicemail lawsuits, sues HTC

04/26, 2:50pm

Klausner adds HTC to visual voicemail lawsuit

Klausner today continued a string of lawsuits and sued handset maker HTC for allegedly infringing his technology patents. The plaintif claims the T-Mobile myTouch 3G smartphone specifically uses a related technique for getting messages out-of-order. HTC has not yet responded to the allegations.


Visual voicemail for BlackBerry Bold coming soon

01/20, 5:05pm

Visual VM for Bold coming

A forthcoming operating system update for the BlackBerry Bold handset on AT&T's wireless network will bring with it visual voicemail capabilities, according to a Monday BGR report. There is no set date for the release of the update, dubbed OS, or whether all Bold owners and AT&T subscribers will get it. BGR has captured some screenshots of the software, however.


Verizon settles Klausner voicemail lawsuit

10/24, 4:50pm

Verizon settles VM lawsuit

A lawsuit filed by Klausner Technologies regarding visual voicemail technology was filed against a number of wireless providers earlier this summer, and one of those companies, Verizon Wireless, has decided to settle it out of court, according to a Friday report. Klausner reportedly granted Verizon Wireless and its subsidiary, Vodafone Group, a patent license, allowing it to use the voice message alerts. The exact terms of the agreement were not disclosed, though the deal was closed on Thursday.


Klausner hits Verizon, more with voicemail suit

08/26, 3:20pm

Klausner Sues VZW and Goog

Klausner Technologies today grew the scope of its licensing claims by suing multiple other companies it believes are treading on its patents for a visual voicemail system. The company claims that software developed by Google, LG, Verizon and six other firms are violating patents from 1992 onwards for a system that permits listening to voicemail out of order through a graphical interface.


Visual Voicemail dispute settled, licensing deal

06/16, 8:20pm

Visual voicemail dispute

Apple and AT&T have reached a settlement with Klausner Technology over patent disputes, and have agreed to license the technology from the firm. AppleInsider reveals that the suit, originally filed in December, was brought against the companies in response to the iPhone's "email inbox"-style voicemail presentation, one of the original device's highly touted features. Klausner says the two companies were in violation of US Patents 5,572,576, and 5,283,818.


Visual Voicemail suit partially settled

01/22, 11:40am

V. Voicemail suit settled

One of Apple's co-defendants in a lawsuit has settled its case, according to an announcement. SimulScribe has reportedly settled with Klausner Technologies, a company that accused it -- along with Apple, AT&T, Comcast and Cablevision -- of breaking patents relating to visual voicemail, a technology which allows users to selectively pick which messages to listen to instead of hearing them all at once. The terms of the settlement involve SimulScribe licensing Klausner's patents, joining the ranks of other companies such as AOL and Vonage.



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