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Briefly: Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs, MagSafe 2 Snuglet

10/23, 5:18pm

Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs in biopic, according to interview

Christian Bale is set to play the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs in the forthcoming biopic film written by Aaron Sorkin. Previously considered for Leonardo DiCaprio, Aaron Sorkin said in Bloomberg interview that there wasn't a need for Bale to audition for the role due to being a good fit. The latest screenplay is comprised of three thirty minute scenes of backstage goings on prior to three keynote presentations.


Appeals Court kicks back Apple power adapter class-action settlement

05/01, 2:49am

Says fee paid to original attorney claimants too high, judge made appeal too difficult

A settlement agreed to by Apple and a pair of legal firms over early Magsafe adapters and their tendency to fray has been kicked back to a federal district court for reconsideration by the Ninth Circuit US Court of Appeals over concerns that the original judge had failed to properly safeguard the deal from "self-dealing" between the class counsel and Apple. The court also found fault with Judge James Ware's high barrier to appeal of the decision, requiring a $75,000 bond from objectors.


Apple awarded patent on iOS lists, Bluetooth headset, more

01/04, 8:00pm

Award for using iOS device as flash drive also

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has given Apple a total of 13 patents today, covering a wide range of topics from the design of the Thunderbolt Display to the (at the time) revolutionary interface for managing lists in iOS. The latter is an important patent that may be leveraged in future litigation, as most other smartphone competitors have copied it fairly closely in their own implementations. Apple was also given a patent for its now-discontinued Bluetooth headset.


Apple quietly shipping Thunderbolt Displays to stores

09/06, 6:35pm

Thunderbolt Display should be at retail this week

Details have surfaced Tuesday that Apple should be delivering the Thunderbolt Display to stores this week. Both official Apple stores and third-party chains should have the 27-inch screen soon, MacRumors said. Online pre-order customers haven't received shipping notices yet, but Electronista has heard of shipping estimates of September 15.


Apple patents MagSafe adapter with integrated fiber optics

12/02, 9:15pm

Cable hints at Light Peak support

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent for a new power adapter that integrates fiber optics for data transfer. Images associated with the filing appear to show a MagSafe connector modified to carry a single fiber-optic cable or multiple channels. Rather than terminating the cable at a power adapter, the system utilizes a data adapter with connections for USB, RJ-45, and DVI.


Lawsuit pins Connecticut housefire on MagSafe adapter

11/30, 3:10pm

Plaintiff claims Apple was aware of defects

A new lawsuit accuses Apple of neglecting the safety of its MagSafe power adapters, according to AppleInsider. At the core of the dispute is a fire that hit a Connecticut family's home on May 23rd, 2008; the plaintiff cites the Glastonbury town fire marshal as tracing the incident back to the "external system components" of a MacBook Pro. The case is being pursued by an insurance firm, the Great Northern Insurance Company, which paid the fire victims over $75,000.


HyperMac stops sales of MagSafe adapters after Apple lawsuit

10/18, 6:55am

Battery will continue to be sold without adapters

HyperMac has announced that it will cease selling its external battery supply unit with MagSafe adapters. According to Sanho, the parent company of HyperMac, the move is in direct response to the lawsuit brought against it by Apple. In its open letter, notably bereft of references to the MagSafe trademark, HyperMac states that ‘As part of our ongoing comprehensive negotiations with Apple regarding a wide array of technologies and issues, we have decided to cease the sale of Macbook charging cables and car charger on November 2, 2010.’


Apple patent for MagSafe mobile devices surfaces

10/09, 8:25am

Apple bringing Macbook charging tech to iPhone?

The US Patent & Trademark office has published a new Apple patent for a MagSafe adapter that it may apply to the design of future mobile devices. The sketches (below) appear to depict a device that could fall into the same category as Apple’s iPhone and iPad. The MagSafe adapter works by sending a power current through five pins, which corresponds to the five pins noted in connector 62 in the diagrams.


MacBook firmware update resolves charging issues

10/07, 7:25pm

Older MacBooks can now use newer chargers

Apple has posted a MacBook SMC firmware update for certain MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks released between 2007 and 2008. The download resolves an issue that had prevented the older notebooks, equipped with L-shaped MagSafe connectors, from properly charging with newer 60W or 85W power adapters.


Apple sues three MagSafe adapter clone sellers

07/09, 5:25pm

Apple targets three for copying MagSafe design

Apple on Thursday sued three US resellers for allegedly infringing on the patents behind the MagSafe power adapters for the MacBook and MacBook Pro. The Northern District of California complaint accuses Brilliant Store, Hootoo and Sunvalleytek International of selling copies such as the "AC Adapter MagSafe" without permission. The companies involved in some cases have made it clear both that they sell the actual power bricks as well as the duplicates.



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