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Apple updates Safari to 7.0.3/6.1.3, adds enhanced push notifications

04/01, 8:22pm

Includes direct support for new top-level domains for Mavericks, Mountain Lion

Alongside updates for the iWork apps for iCloud, OS X and iOS, Apple on Tuesday released version 7.0.3 (for Mavericks) and 6.1.3 (for Mountain Lion) of its Safari browser. The new release, which only had two betas released to developers before going final, adds enhanced push notification settings and direct support for some new top-level domains (which could previously only be accessed through a search). The update also addresses a few credit card autofill and security issues.


Apple seeds new beta of OS X 10.9.3 to developers

03/28, 2:26pm

Testing focus remains unchanged

A new beta of OS X 10.9.3 is being seeded to developers, 13D28, accounts say. In release notes Apple asks for testing to continue in the same areas: audio, graphics drivers, Safari, and USB sync of contacts and calendars via iTunes. The updated beta follows an internal Apple-only distribution.


Mavericks adoption now over 40 percent among North American users

03/27, 12:07pm

Free upgrade pushes

Five months after launch, Mavericks has already grabbed slightly over 40 percent of all North American OS X usage, according to web traffic data from ad network Chitika. By comparison, Mountain Lion is currently sitting at just 21 percent, and took 14 months to hit a peak of 34 percent. Lion and Snow Leopard each account for 18 percent of OS X usage at present; Leopard has shrunk to one percent, and Tiger and a miscellaneous "other" category each have one percent shares.


New Safari beta for Mountain Lion, Mavericks users available

03/18, 10:00pm

Developer-only betas focus on site compatibility, push notifications, more

Following its release earlier today of a 10.9.3 Mavericks preview and iTunes 11.1.6 beta, Apple has added new Safari betas for developers to test. The pre-release builds, versions 6.1.3 and 7.0.3 (Lion/Mountain Lion and Mavericks, respectively), are expected to accompany the release of OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 when it emerges from beta.


Apple seeds new betas of OS X 10.9.3, iTunes 11.1.6 to workers

03/18, 3:54pm

iTunes update returns local calendar and contact sync

Apple has begun seeding new pre-release betas of OS X 10.9.3 and iTunes 11.1.6 within the company. Of the two the latter is the most significant, since it's the first v11.1.6 beta and makes a critical change to iTunes, restoring the ability to sync contact and calendar information to iOS devices via a Mac. The alternative for affected people has been using iCloud sync or manual entry.


OS X 10.9.3 beta contains special pixel-doubling mode

03/07, 9:57am

Appears intended to support 4K displays

The OS X 10.9.3 beta supports new graphics scaling options which appear aimed at supporting 4K displays, users say. While a Mac Pro or Retina MacBook Pro can connect to a 4K monitor, they normally do so at resolutions up to 4096x2160 at 24Hz, which results in OS X's interface being spread out and shrunk, and choppiness in the case of things like the mouse cursor. The MacBook Pro can alternately use 3840x2160 at 30Hz, but this isn't an improvement.


Apple offers developers first OS X 10.9.3 beta for testing

03/06, 7:23pm

Graphics, audio requested as areas of focus in new build

Slightly less than two weeks after the public release of OS X 10.9.2, which brought FaceTime audio calling, Mail improvements and an important security fix to Mavericks, Apple is seeding the first beta of OS X 10.9.3, build 13D12, to developers. The brief release notes mention that developers are requested to focus on audio and graphic drivers in their testing. The previous update was released after approximately 14 weeks of testing across seven betas.


OS X 10.9.2 goes live with SSL fix, new FaceTime, Messages features

02/25, 1:46pm

SSL fix present but undocumented

(Updated with Safari, security updates for Lion, Mountain Lion) Following a long beta-testing period, Apple has released the finished v10.9.2 update for owners of OS X Mavericks. The software primarily adds support for FaceTime audio calls in both the FaceTime app and Messages. The two apps have also gained contact blocking, allowing people to screen out individual users.


Apple seeds internal pre-release build of OS X 10.9.2

02/24, 12:43pm

Update expected to include FaceTime improvements, fix for SSL vulnerability

Apple has started seeding a pre-release version of OS X 10.9.2 to some of its own staff, sources tell AppleInsider. The code is listed as build 13C64, and is thought to foreshadow an imminent public release. Significantly the update is said to include a number of important changes, including the ability to block individuals in Messages, audio calls and call waiting for FaceTime, and a promised fix for SSL security.


Apple releases sixth 10.9.2 Mavericks beta to developers

02/12, 9:28pm

No significant changes listed; rumors of early March release continue

Apple on Wednesday released its sixth OS X 10.9.2 Mavericks beta to develops right on schedule, using a build number exactly six digits higher than last weeks'. The new update lists no significant changes, and again asks developers to focus their testing on Mail, Messages, SMB2, graphics drivers, VoiceOver and VPN. The company has been battling mostly-minor but annoying issues with its re-written Mail program, and bug fixing continues on that.


Apple seeds fifth beta of upcoming 10.9.2 on schedule

02/06, 8:26pm

No final release date, no significant changes from previous beta

Developers can now download the fifth version of OS X Mavericks 10.9.2, an upcoming maintenance release, from Software Update through their registered developer accounts, or from the Apple developer portal. The latest update has no significant changes in the release notes, but again asks developers to focus on networking, Mail, Messages, VoiceOver, VPN and graphics drivers. The new build, 13C53, comes one week after the previous release.


Apple offers workaround for recurring Mail problems in OS X Mavericks

02/03, 5:10pm

Email client not fetching new messages as intended

Apple has posted a new support article explaining a temporary workaround for people having trouble with Mail in OS X Mavericks. When the OS was first released, some users had problems with Mail like the app failing to fetch messages or properly move and delete them. Many of those glitches were fixed by the release of OS X 10.9.1, but some people are still having trouble getting the app to fetch messages without quitting and restarting.


Apple seeds fourth OS X 10.9.2 beta to developers

01/31, 12:53am

Forthcoming update edges closer to release, continues to fix issues

Late on Thursday, and just a week after the previous release, Apple has seeded a fourth beta of the upcoming OS X 10.9.2 Mavericks to developers, again focusing on issues in Mail (specifically related to Smart Mailboxes and Gmail compatibility), Messages, graphic drivers, VoiceOver and VPN. In addition, Apple has asked developers to test SMB2 network file sharing, which replaced the long-standing Apple File Protocol when Mavericks was released.


Apple makes third Mavericks 10.9.2 beta available, new Safari beta

01/23, 8:10pm

New Mavericks update focuses on Mail, Safari on tabbed browsing

Amidst a slew of other updates, Apple has also issued a new beta version of OS X 10.9.2 Mavericks alongside a new beta of Safari 6.1.2. This third revision of Apple's new OS is build 13C44, and MacNN has learned that it is likely nowhere near a final, bug-free public release.


Apple updates OS X Server to 3.1 beta for developer testing

01/21, 5:58pm

Requires Mavericks 10.9.2 beta, fixes Profile Manager issue

Just days after its latest update to the forthcoming Mavericks 10.9.2 beta, Apple has also released an updated OS X Server v3.1 for developer testing. The new build, 13S4076F, is said to address a problem with the Profile Manager in which syntax errors appear in migration SQL. The new version can only run on the current beta of 10.9.2, which is also developer-only.


Users: Wacom Intuos tablets unusable in Creative Cloud on Mavericks

01/20, 8:10pm

Problem reproduced -- no Wacom supplied fix provides relief

Widespread reports are surfacing of some sort of incompatibility between Wacom's driver package, OS X 10.9 "Mavericks," and Adobe Creative Cloud products. Users are reporting serious lag between input and recognition, crashes from Creative Cloud, and extremely high CPU usage, often necessitating a reboot to regain system stability. As of yet, there is no official fix from Wacom, other than a reinstallation of the driver, which does not seem to fix the problem.


Briefly: Apple seeds Mavericks update, also updates Raw compatibility

01/16, 10:31pm

OS X 10.9.2 build distributed to developers, with focus on Mail issues

On Thursday, Apple seeded a new build of the forthcoming OS X 10.9.2 update to developers, a month after the first one. The new build, 13C39, continues to focus on issues within Mail, as well as VPN functions, Messages, graphic drivers and VoiceOver. The revamped Mail introduced in Mavericks has had a number of issues with Gmail compatibility and problems with Smart Mailboxes, along with other more minor issues. The update is available through Software Update or Apple's developer portal (registered developer account required).


Developers get first look at OS X 10.9.2 beta [U]

12/19, 4:52pm

Public release timing remains unclear

[Updated with more details] Apple has released the first OS X 10.9.2 beta build, enabling registered developers to begin testing the update ahead of public availability. The build arrives just a few days after Apple began distributing the release version of Mavericks 10.9.1, which brought changes to the Mail client and a number of bug fixes. The new release is the first to bring FaceTime audio to the Messages and FaceTime programs for the Mac.


Forums: restoring lost mail messages in Mavericks

12/10, 3:49pm

restoring lost mail messages in Mavericks

It has been rather quiet this week in the MacNN forums, however there are still unresolved issues plaguing many users. Yesterday, one Forum Regular realized that a bunch of emails that had been stored on iCloud have gone missing. After using Time Machine they discovered a claimed 500GB of lost messages, but they are unable to restore them. One frustrated forum-goer turned to the forums looking for help with ongoing DropBox issues.


Latest OS X 10.9.1 build seeds to AppleCare, hints at completion

12/04, 1:41pm

Workers prepped to deal with update's changes

Apple is now seeding the latest build of OS X 10.9.1 -- 13B40 -- to AppleCare workers, a report says. The code reached developers Tuesday night, but its distribution to AppleCare is believed to be more significant, since it implies that the software is close enough to completion that AppleCare workers can start familiarizing themselves. A finished update might therefore reach the public within the next week or two.


Data shows Mavericks already leading in OS X marketshare

12/02, 2:55pm

Free upgrade spurs quick adoption

Mavericks is already the predominant version of OS X in use by the public, according to November tracking data from Net Applications. During that month, Mavericks' share rose from 0.84 percent to 2.42 percent of the Mac's total global share of 7.55 percent. Mountain Lion's share, meanwhile, plummeted from 3.31 percent to 1.85, while Lion dipped from 1.56 percent to 1.34. Leopard and Snow Leopard, already marginal platforms, dropped only slightly, slipping from 0.33 and 1.6 percent to 0.32 and 1.53 percent, respectively.


Briefly: NeoFinder now 64-bit app, Desktops 1.0 released for Mac

11/20, 11:30am

NeoFinder update optimized for Mavericks, adds new organizing options

NeoFinder, a file management and cataloging desktop app known formerly by the name CDFinder, has received an update and is now offered as a native 64-bit application. NeoFinder assists users in keeping track of digital files, photos, songs, movies, fonts on hard disks, DVD-ROMs, CD-ROMs, and other media. Version 6.4 is certified to run under Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, and subsequently is able to integrate the new Finder Tags. The new Movie Contact Sheet generates a customizable preview of one or multiple selected movie files as graphic, and NeoFinder can also index Adobe XMP metadata for movie files. Other notable new features includes the ability to catalog ZIP archive files larger than 4 GB, a new FLAC file parser, and numerous bug fixes. Available as a free update for NeoFinder customers, new users of NeoFinder 6.4 can purchase the software for $40.


Forums: Mavericks and Image Capture, a love story?

11/19, 3:07pm

Mavericks and Image Capture, a love story?

This week in the MacNN forums, one Fresh-Faced Recruit who had recently upgraded to Mavericks (and claims it's the worst thing they've done since they started using computers) is hoping to find a happy ending to their troubled story as Image Capture stopped working. Today, "Hawkeye_a" was looking for some 3D animation software for the Mac that was free or cheap so that he could use it to get back into 3D animating as a hobby -- a solution has yet to be found.


First OS X 10.9.1 beta seeds to developers

11/15, 4:15pm

Mail, graphics problems among focus areas

Apple has seeded the first OS X 10.9.1 beta to developers, reports say. In release notes, the company asks developers to concentrate testing on Mail, graphics drivers, and VoiceOver accessibility. The code is listed as build 13B27.


Apple updates Mavericks Mail app to better Gmail compatibility

11/07, 4:27pm

Mavericks Mail update fixes Gmail glitches

Apple has released an update for the Mail application in OS X Mavericks that corrects issues users were experiencing in syncing the app with their Gmail accounts. The update, first rumored on Monday, "improves stability and compatibility with Gmail, and includes fixes for users with custom Gmail settings." The update is a 32.46MB download, and it is available from Apple's Support Pages.


Apple said to be working on two Mavericks updates

11/06, 10:49pm

Mail, iBooks patches also on the way, 10.10 also continues testing

Apple is said to be working on two concurrent Mavericks updates, 10.9.1 and 10.9.2, according to reports. The first of the updates will likely see release later this month to address bugs found in the first Mavericks release. In addition, the company plans updates for some individual apps, including iBooks and Mail, both of which have seen reports of performance problems for some but not all users. Apple is meanwhile continuing to test the next major OS X release, 10.10.


Forums: How to remove dock shelf in Mavericks?

11/05, 3:28pm

How to remove dock shelf in Mavericks?

One Fresh-Faced Recruit recently upgraded to Mavericks, but was disappointed to see that there was no way of removing the dock shelf. Another new member was also looking for a way to do this, but a solution has yet to be found. Yesterday Forum Regular "Topaz" was looking for a way to transfer photos from an iPhone to their iMac and hoped that fellow forum members could point them in the right direction.


Updates to Mavericks' Safari, iBooks, Remote Desktop apps incoming

11/04, 12:54pm

Joins previously-rumored Mail update

Apple is preparing updates to several core apps in OS X Mavericks, sources say. The people note that Apple is now seeding new versions of Safari, iBooks, and Remote Desktop to its workers, as well as a previously-rumored Mail update. The Safari code is identified as v7.0.1, and expected to provide a number of bugfixes. The same description applies to iBooks 1.0.1, and Remote Desktop 3.7.1.


Forums: Wi-Fi problems in Mavericks and more

11/01, 2:25pm

Wi-Fi problems in Mavericks and more

Today in the MacNN forums, one concerned Mac Pro owner took to the forums after unsuccessfully trying to determine the cause of Wi-Fi problems after upgrading to Mavericks. "How much faster are the new Macbooks?" asks Junior Member "Wayland" yesterday, sparking a discussion about the most recent upgrades to the MBP lineup.


Apple asking developers to test Mavericks Mail update

11/01, 12:49am

New anomalies, bugs apparently slipped through testing

AppleSeed developers are being contacted by Apple by email asking for help in testing an updated Mail application for OS X Mavericks. Some users have reported issues with the program including messages not correctly being marked "read" or "unread," odd GMail folder behavior and undoing operations, among other issues. The problems don't appear to affect all users of Mavericks, but bug reports have apparently been persistent enough to warrant urgent correction.


Some Mavericks-based Western Digital users experiencing data loss

10/31, 6:52pm

WD suggests uninstalling company-provided drive management tools

Storage manufacturer Western Digital has informed registered customers that users of its external hard drive line with accompanying drive management software may experience data loss and other problems when using the hardware with OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Western Digital has warned users to immediately uninstall WD Drive Manager, WD RAID Manager, and WD SmartWare for the best chance of not losing data.


Taiwan listed as Chinese province in Apple Maps, gov't. complains

10/30, 12:50pm

Political divisions continue to impact app

Taiwan's foreign ministry has issued a complaint to Apple about the way the country is characterized in Maps, reports say. In both iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks, Maps lists Taiwan as a province of China. "The maps don't acknowledge Taiwan as its own nation. We voiced our disapproval and hope Apple will make the change," a ministry official states. While many Taiwanese consider themselves independent, the Chinese government considers the country a possession, which in the past has led to political conflict and threats of war. Apple has yet to respond on the matter.


Forums: Beware of CNet adware for Mac

10/29, 3:01pm

beware of Cnet adware for Mac

Moderator “P" took to the MacNN forums today warning fellow Mac owners to beware of CNet, as they are pushing adware to Mac users. In the thread titled "upgrade Parallels or buy Fusion," forum-goers debate which software choice is the best to take for installing additional operating systems on Mac hardware. A poll is also included, so join in and cast a vote.


Apple confirms: future OS X versions to be free like Mavericks

10/28, 5:50pm

Free Mavericks just the beginning for Mac OS

During the conference call for its fourth quarter financial statement, Apple confirmed that future versions of Mac OS will be free. That will keep them in line with a precedent Apple set with the the OS X Mavericks OS update, which Apple released earlier this month. The free operating system updates, along with iWork updates and free copies for each purchaser of Mac and iOS hardware, is part of a $900 million sequential increase in deferred net revenue for software upgrade rights and non-software services.


Forums: new Retina MBPs, Mavericks free, more

10/25, 3:33pm

new Retina MBPs, Mavericks is free and more

Today in the MacNN forums members discuss a range of topics following the announcements from Apple earlier this week. Moderator P got the conversation going about the specs on new Retina MacBook Pros. Shock and amazement swept through the forums earlier this week as Apple announced the price for the latest upgraded to the Mac operating system titled Mavericks.


Apple publishes open-source components of OS X Mavericks

10/24, 11:20am

More timely than some past disclosures

Apple has officially released the updated open-source components found in OS X Mavericks. Under the terms of licensing agreements, Apple is obligated to share any modified open-source code with the public. The company does this with both OS X and iOS.


Flash sandboxed in OS X Mavericks, Adobe confirms

10/24, 9:38am

Could limit key attack vector

Flash is now a sandboxed plugin in OS X Mavericks, according to an Adobe blog post. Using the OS' App Sandbox feature, Adobe says it has been able to limit Flash's file read/write access and what assets the plugin can find in the first place. It can no longer reach local connections to device resources and IPC (interprocess communications) channels, for instance, and network privileges are restricted such that Flash-based malware can't communicate with servers set up by hackers.


First Look: Mavericks Multiple Display improvements

10/23, 6:50pm

Multiple Display features enhanced in Mavericks

OS X has long offered support for multiple display setups, but has received a lot of mixed feedback regarding particular implementations and interfaces. With OS X Mavericks, Apple has attempted to address all of the major user complaints and provide users with a more natural multi-display environment, with the main enhancement being the ability to use full-screen apps either across all displays or on a single display.


Mavericks adoption already approaching 6-8 percent, tracking suggests

10/23, 12:27pm

Zero cost eliminates barrier to adoption

OS X Mavericks currently represents around 6 to 8 percent of all OS X web traffic, even though the software was released less than 24 hours ago, according to live data from analytics firm GoSquared. Tracking figures are currently in flux, but are so far sitting within the 6-8 percent window, occasionally surging over 9 percent. GoSquared provides analytics for over 40,000 websites.


First Look: OS X Mavericks iBooks application

10/22, 6:28pm

How complete is the new app for OS X?

Today’s Apple event saw the full release of OS X 10.9 Mavericks, as was widely rumored. With the many “under the hood” changes has come what some call a welcome addition -- the introduction of an OS X iBooks application, allowing content purchased on the iTunes Book Store as well as other accumulated PDFs to be viewed in one, central, indexed application.


Apple issues Digital Camera RAW, Mavericks migration updates

10/22, 5:42pm

RAW update makes minor tweaks

In the wake of OS X Mavericks' release, Apple has already posted three related software updates. The first is Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 4.09. The code adds iPhoto '11 and Aperture 3 support for Olympus' PEN E-P5 camera, and brings back lens correction for Sony RX100 photos. It also solves bad white balance for Nikon images edited by third-party apps.


Apple updates Safari to v6.1 for Mountain Lion, Mavericks

10/22, 5:42pm

Brings many of the same features as the Mavericks version

In addition to a plethora of new products and updates, Apple included a software update for users who will be sticking with Mountain Lion for a while longer -- an updated Safari for Mountain Lion to match the one that comes with Mavericks. Safari version 6.1 offers many of the same features, including Shared Links support, a revamped Sidebar, Safari Power Saver to increase battery efficiency and more -- though some features will be reserved for Mavericks only.


Apple makes OS X Mavericks update free, available today [u]

10/22, 1:36pm

Free Mavericks downloadable via App Store

(Updated to reflect launch) Apple has revealed at its special event that OS X Mavericks, the latest incarnation of its Mac operating system, is free. The major update will be available to download later today at no charge via the App Store, with users of systems dating as far back as six years ago able to download and install the operating system.


Websites begin pushing Safari notifications pre-Mavericks

10/22, 9:30am

Hints at imminent Mavericks release

Some prominent websites are already beginning to push Safari notifications, even though the feature requires OS X Mavericks, reports note. These include sites like and the New York Times. The option allows Mavericks users to receive alerts from websites even when Safari is closed; at the moment, the only way to see notifications is with the Mavericks GM available to developers.


'Open in iBooks' button begins appearing in iBookstore pages

10/17, 12:14pm

Hints at prep for launch of OS X Mavericks

People using the latest version of OS X Mountain Lion are beginning to see an "Open in iBooks" buttons on iBookstore pages within iTunes, users say. The button appears if a person has a title in their iBooks library, but is currently non-functional, since the first Mac version of iBooks is only due to launch alongside OS X Mavericks. That may suggest, however, that Apple is making final preparations for Mavericks' release.


Apple already seeding internal builds of OS X 10.9.1, 10.10 'Syrah'

10/08, 9:16am

Syrah currently almost identical to Mavericks GM

Apple is already seeding nightly internal builds of OS X 10.9.1 and 10.10, according to sources and leaked data. 10.10 is said to be codenamed "Syrah," after a type of wine, and have begun seeding in small groups in early September. Seeding has scaled up in recent weeks though, and web traffic from 10.10 machines has reportedly escalated in recent days.


AppleCare workers start training for OS X Mavericks

10/02, 10:09am

Secrecy measures in place to prevent Mavericks info from leaking out

Apple has today begun training AppleCare workers on OS X Mavericks, according to sources. During the next few weeks, staff are expected to spend at least six hours learning about new features, the installation process, and troubleshooting options. Apple is reportedly maintaining the same sort of secrecy it applied to iOS 7 and iTunes Radio training, meaning AppleCare advisors will only learn about Mavericks in small groups in order to keep the training process from becoming public.


Eighth beta of upcoming OS X Mavericks seeded to developers [U]

09/16, 9:00pm

New Safari 6.1 beta has also been released for Lion, Mountain Lion

[Update: more details added, including iTunes 11.1] A day early, Apple has seeded another "Developer Preview" of OS X 10.9 Mavericks, two weeks after the previous release. Registered developers can obtain the new version by signing into the Mac App Store with their developer account Apple IDs. In addition, Apple released a new Safari 6.1 beta for Lion and Mountain Lion, as well as an updated build of iTunes 11.1. Mavericks DP7 also continues to list iCloud Keychain as an area for testing, with several bugs still existing in its implementation. Current speculation has Mavericks on track to be released alongside updated Mac models sometime in mid to late October.


OS Mavericks due to ship in late October, sources say

09/06, 9:37am

Could coincide with new Macs

Apple is planning to release OS X Mavericks at the end of October, sources claim. There has been some speculation that it could launch in September, following an announcement at Apple's September 10th press event. The company is thought to be focusing most of its software engineering on this month's launch of iOS 7 and new iPhones, however, pushing Mavericks into the October timeframe.


Apple updates Mavericks Server, adds Windows Migration Assistant

09/05, 10:00pm

Continued progress on seventh 10.9 beta, but no formal release date yet

On Thursday, Apple made available to developers the Server version of Developer Preview 7 of Mavericks (OS X 10.9), as well a previously-missing component of the forthcoming Mac OS upgrade known as Windows Migration Assistant, which helps transfer settings and data from users who are coming to the Mac from a Windows machine. The email from Apple also reminded developers of yesterday's OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5 update, which is nearing completion as evidenced by its single-digit build number change.


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