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Bluetooth, NFC Forum confirm device pairing team-up

12/20, 11:10am

NFC Forum, Bluetooth SIG out interoperation doc

The NFC Forum and Bluetooth SIG have come together to produce an application document meant for developers that details how the two standards will interact together. Titled Bluetooth secure simple pairing using NFC (PDF), the document talks about how smartphones and other NFC and Bluetooth-enabled devices will communicate wirelessly with other devices like headsets and headphones, in-vehicle entertainment systems and connected TVs. The new standards and NFC tech should save time, as it will no longer require users to punch in passwords in both devices, but simply tap them together to enable the Bluetooth connection.


HTC, Sharp, ZTE join NFC Forum

10/13, 5:05pm

3 amongst 26 new members of NFC advocacy org.

The NFC Forum has added some high profile vendors its ranks. Recently, Sharp, ZTE, and HTC joined the non-profit organization that advances the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Other notable participants include Barclaycard and Isis, the mobile payment joint venture between Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T.


Google becomes key NFC Forum member, drops QR from Places

03/31, 6:35pm

Google joins NFC Forum as Places goes NFC-only

Google made two big pushes towards NFC that culminated in its formal link to the technology on Thursday. It officially joined the NFC Forum as a principal member and now had the same importance as companies like CSR and Intel, which raised their statuses to the same level. The sign-up gave Google voting power for decisions on marketing, standards, and the technology involved in implementing NFC in the future.


Analyst says Bloomberg took NFC iPhone talk out of context

02/11, 2:45pm

Analyst says NFC iPhone rumor was just speculation

Envisioneering Group analyst Richard Doherty said on Wednesday that Bloomberg had distorted his talk of a possible NFC-aware iPhone. While he maintained that he has Chinese sources working on iPhone parts, he told NFC Times that these sources had only talked to app developers who speculated NFC wireless was coming. The business publication "overplayed" the speculation and treated it as fact even urged to correct the tone, Doherty alleged.


NFC Forum certification backs Android 2.3 hints, more

12/06, 10:05am

NFC Forum starts certification program

The NFC Forum today started a certification program that further supports plans by Google and possibly Apple to incorporate near-field wireless into phones. As of December 7, the organization will require that devices pass tests to qualify for using its N-Mark logo. The aim, as with other standards groups like the Wi-Fi Alliance, will be to encourage adoption of a technology that should work across many platforms.



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