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Pew: 19% of US has tablets, 22% uses no Internet at all

04/14, 3:45pm

Pew underscores technology gap in US

A new Pew study has emphasized the rift in technology adoption for the US. About 19 percent of Americans have a tablet of some sort, researches said, and as many have an e-reader. A full 22 percent of Americans, however, had no Internet access at all, a figure that has remained largely constant since 2009.


Pew: 53% of US phones are smartphones, Android and iOS tied

03/01, 12:35pm

Pew shows smartphones now majority in US

More Americans now own smartphones than basic cellphones, Pew Internet deduced on Thursday. By looking at those who either said they had a smartphone or mentioned it using a smartphone platform, the study found that 53 percent of American cellphone owners had a smartphone as of February. With 88 percent of the entire adult American population using a cellphone, that translated to 46 percent of all adults owning a smartphone.


Pew: tablet ownership doubled in US over the holidays

01/23, 12:40am

Pew shows huge tablet ownership spike in late 2011

Ownership of both tablets and e-readers exploded through the holidays, Pew found on Monday. About 10 percent of Americans owned each in December, but both had surged to 19 percent in January. There was relatively little overlap, as 18 percent owned one or the other before the holiday rush while 29 percent had either an e-reader or a tablet in January.


Pew: 28% of US adults use location apps, 58% on smartphones

09/06, 2:40pm

Pew study shows rapid takeup of location apps

Over a quarter of the US uses some kind of online location service, Pew discovered Tuesday. About 28 percent have used Google Maps or a similar location service at least on the web. With smartphone owners, that number more than doubles to 58 percent, researchers said.


25% of US smartphones used as main Internet access

07/11, 6:55pm

Pew reveals many use smartphone as only access

Pew Internet in a new study on Monday revealed that a full quarter of American smartphone owners use the device as their main Internet source. The tally leaves 10 percent of all US cellphone owners more dependent on their phones than a computer to get online. About a third of those have no home broadband at all, leaving them either partly or completely dependent on the phone to get online.


Pew: e-reader ownership growing much faster than tablets

06/27, 3:50pm

Pew shows e-reader growth rate outpacing tablets

E-readers are outpacing tablets by a rapidly widening margin, Pew said in a new study. After a brief amount of parity for the second half of the year, e-readers doubled from just over six percent ownership in the US last November to 12 percent this May. Outside of a brief spurt during the holidays, the growth of the iPad and other tablets kept the same pace and rose from five percent to eight in the same period.


Pew: 85% of US adults have cellphones, 4% have tablets

02/04, 3:15pm

Pew shows cellphones ubiquitous, tablets rare

Pew Research has published a new study uncovering just how prevalent technology is in the US. The cellphone is now ubiquitous and in the hands of 85 percent of adults in the country. iPads and other tablets are still very young, however, and just four percent of Americans have one.


7% of Americans have made video phone calls post-iPhone 4

10/13, 3:30pm

Pew says phone video calling at 7pc but growing

About seven percent of the US has made a video call on a cellphone, Pew Research found in a study posted today. Although still relatively new in the country, mobile video chat is now large enough to compare to the 23 percent of total Internet users that have used video. The demographics were more likely to include wealthier users making over $75,000 per year but also relatively younger audiences, below 50.


Teens' texting habits kill Microsoft's Kin before birth

05/05, 6:50pm

Kin seen missing target as few teens agree

Teens' cellphone habits may have thwarted sales of Microsoft's Kin before they even begin, according to new study. Even though Kin requires a $70 smartphone plan with no built-in text messaging, Pew Research shows that just 27 percent of teens actually go online and 72 percent of them text message their friends. Most of the new phones' e-mail and social networking would actually go unused as just 23 percent visit social networks and 21 percent send e-mail.



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