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Trimble Navigation buys Google's SketchUp 3D platform

04/26, 1:00pm

Google Earth tech bought by Trimble Navigation

Trimble Navigation on Thursday bought Google’s SketchUp 3D modelling platform. Trimble specializes in navigation equipment for marine, mapping, and surveying industries and the new acquisition will let it bring a new level of field presence and views to these and more. It will work with Google on developing SketchUp's 3D Warehouse, an online place for users to find, share, and cooperate on creating 3D models.


Briefly: Gekko to launch next week, Shaderlight 2.1 update

01/26, 7:00pm

Shaderlight accurately renders lighting fixtures

iPhonso has announced that its mobile financial tool, Gekko, will be launched in the App Store on January 31. The universal app is fully customizable and allows users to follow financial news from their favorite websites. Gekko also includes a smart caching system and built-in ad blocking to help improve page load times, as well as raw financial data for every stock. Other features include Evernote, Read It Later, and Instapaper integration, as well as support for sharing content via e-mail, SMS, and Twitter. Pricing has not yet been announced.


LumenRT hits version 1.2, adds lighting to Sketchup models

07/12, 11:00pm

Performance improvements of 30 to 300 percent

A new update for E-On Software's LumenRT plug-in for Google's Sketchup, now at version 1.2, promises from 30 to 300 percent performance improvement, gains of up to 14x in pre-processing time, and the ability to compute lighting on very large scenes. The software, which focuses on visualizing architectural projects, can now handle whole cities and large structures with ease. The new v1.2 release is free for all registered users.


Shaderlight augments Google Sketchup with renderer

03/10, 5:40am

Users can create 3D scenes from Sketchup models

Now available for both Mac and PC users, Shaderlight from ArtVPS adds photo-realistic 3D rendering to Google SketchUp drawings. The program works as a plug-in to SketchUp (Free or Pro versions). It also features a "progressive rendering" mode that allows users to watch their 3D image develop as they refine their SketchUp models.


Briefly: Humble Indie Bundle, augmented reality plugin

12/16, 4:30pm

Plugin enhances Google SketchUp

The second Humble Indie Bundle has gone public, offering buyers five games at a price of their own choosing. The bundle includes Braid, Cortex Command, Machinarium, Osmos and Revenge of the Titans. Each title is DRM-free, and can run on Mac, Windows, or Linux systems. As the bundle is mainly a charity deal, buyers can pick where the money they send ends up. Charity options include the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play; cash can also be directed to the game developers, the Humble Bundle team or any mix of the four.


Mac 3D design news: Keyshot, Creo, LightUp, Octane Render

11/02, 1:05am

Creo, Luxion team up to import data on Mac

Luxion, makers of Keyshot, have announced a collaboration with Creo Elements Pro (formerly known as Pro/Engineer) to bring native import of Creo CAD/CAM/CAE data into the Mac version of Keyshot, an real-time ray-tracing program. In other news, LightUp for Sketchup as well as Octane Render have both been updated, the latter of which will soon be leaving private beta, Architosh reports.


Bonzai3D update v2.2 adds Artlantis support

09/28, 6:15pm

Google integration steps backward, however

AutoDesSys, the 3D imaging company best known for its modelling software Form•Z, have updated their 3D design program Bonzai3D to v.2.2, adding support for Abvent's Artlantis and two new languages (French and Czech) along with 75 minor fixes and improvements -- but the software has also had to modify support for Google Sketchup's 3D Warehouse and Google Earth due to changes on Google's part, meaning users will have to adapt to new ways of using these components.


V-Ray engine to come to SketchUp for Mac

12/14, 4:15pm

Enhances visuals of SketchUp designs

Visual Dynamics has uncovered plans to bring the V-Ray rendering engine to the Mac edition of SketchUp, Google's 3D modeling tool. SketchUp is oriented towards object and architectural design, and can import and export using a variety of formats, or else tap into a library of free models. The V-Ray engine improves on the visual quality of SketchUp output, supporting techniques such as high dynamic range (HDR) and per-material global illumination.


Modelur offers urban planning tools for SketchUp

05/15, 1:55pm

Modelur modeling tools

Urbs has announced Modelur, an add-on for Google's SketchUp that is focused on parametric urban design. While typical CAD software starts with a building's exterior dimensions, Modelur allows users to define a set of final parameters such as build area, gross floor area or the number of stories. If any of the basic parameters is changed, the entire building is automatically adjusted and the urban control values are recalculated.


SketchUp ARplug-in creates augmented reality

05/04, 4:20pm

New ARplug-in for SketchUp

Following the success of its PC version, Inglobe has released a Mac AR-media plugin for Google SketchUp. The ARplug-in allows users to study and analyze their SketchUp designs in "augmented reality," by creating a virtual model of a design in the real physical space around them. This is done by simply printing a code onto a piece of paper, and utilizing a webcam. The plugin creates a virtual model that moves with the camera so it can be seen from all angles.


LightUp brings lighting effects to SketchUp

08/29, 4:35pm

LightUp for SketchUp 1.2a

A group of UK developers has produced LightUp, a plug-in for Google's SketchUp modeling tool. The software generates real-time lighting for models, and supports effects such as skyboxes, Fresnel reflections, area and point lighting, and normal and specular maps. Users do not have to wait for files or export them, and can do live walkthroughs of environments.



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