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Plaintiffs ask to use Steve Jobs evidence in anti-poaching lawsuit

04/18, 1:14pm

Jobs' personality a potential controversy

Plaintiffs' attorneys in a class action lawsuit against Apple, Google, and two other companies are asking that evidence related to Apple CEO Steve Jobs be included in the case, Reuters reports. The case revolves around the anti-poaching agreements Apple and Google -- and later, other high-tech businesses -- forged to keep salaries low and talent in place. The accused parties settled a US Department of Justice investigation on the matter in 2010, agreeing to end barriers to competitive hiring.


Samsung seized on death of Steve Jobs to launch anti-Apple ads

04/16, 10:29am

Public assumed to be worried about Apple's prospects

Samsung decided to launch its "Next Big Thing" campaign -- parodying Apple -- in the wake of the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, according to an email trail exposed during the ongoing Apple v. Samsung patent trial. Samsung America's VP of US sales, Mike Pennington, described Jobs' death as "the best opportunity" to run a campaign targeting Apple, since people would be worried about whether Apple could continue to come up with great ideas minus Jobs' influence. "Sorry to continue to push this issue, but I have seen this far too long and I know this is our best opportunity to attack iPhone," Pennington is quoted as saying.


'Social Network' director out as helmer for Sony's Jobs biopic

04/14, 7:30pm

Wanted Christian Bale in the role of Jobs, $10M fee, marketing control

Those hoping for a reunion of the team that made The Social Network into a critical and commercial success will be disappointed to learn that -- at least for now -- that film's director, David Fincher, is off the Sony Pictures "Steve Jobs" project, according to industry trade reports. Fincher, along with screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, was set to tackle Sony's big-budget interpretation of Walter Isaacson's biography of Jobs, but has pulled out over the issue of fees and marketing control, sources claim.


Email from Jobs in 2010 lays out future vision

04/05, 3:44pm

Shows interest in Apple TV, MobileMe improvements

As a byproduct of the patent trial between Apple and Samsung currently going on in San Francisco, a number of previously-confidential Apple emails have seen the light of day. Some talk about how to react to Samsung's marketing bombardment, since it outspent all rivals but Apple combined on advertising its smartphones; others reveal additional details on things already known. A 2010 email from Steve Jobs, shown in court, reveals a little of how Apple works to improve itself.


Interview: iPhone OS core developed in two weeks

03/26, 4:08am

Ultimatum from Jobs was fuel to invent numerous features

Greg Christie, one of the original iPhone engineers and a witness likely to be called in the second Apple-Samsung patent trial starting next week, has revealed in a new interview that an "ultimatum" from then-CEO Steve Jobs pushed his team into creating the core of the "iPhone OS" (as it was called then) in just two weeks. The full interview, conducted by the Wall Street Journal, goes into detail about the secrecy required of the project and how the team came to invent much of what consumers think of as the principles of a smartphone operating system.


New emails expose anti-poaching collusion between Apple, Google

03/24, 11:04am

Messages describe 'irate' calls from Steve Jobs

A newly-published set of emails explicitly detail the anti-poaching agreements reached between Apple, Google, and a collection of other high-tech firms. The companies settled a US Department of Justice investigation on the matter in 2010, but are still dealing with class action litigation. One of the instigators of the anti-poaching deals appears to have been former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who made "irate" calls to Google co-founder Sergey Brin in February 2005, complaining that Google was trying to hire away members of the Safari development team. Brin mentions "veiled threats" from Jobs; after a second call, he adds that "Basically, he [Jobs] said 'if you hire a single one of these people that means war'."


Christian Bale said to be 'first choice' for Sorkin-penned Jobs movie

03/20, 4:02pm

Movie could start filming by end of 2014

Director David Fincher is considering Dark Knight and American Hustle star Christian Bale as his "first choice" to lead in Sony's Steve Jobs biopic, says The Wrap. Fincher is alleged to have met with Sony's Amy Pascal recently to discuss the possibility of his directing, but insisted that he would only direct if Bale can play Jobs. Fincher and Pascal previously collaborated on the remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Bale reportedly hasn't been approached yet, but mainly because he's said to be taking time off with family after finishing his role as Moses in Ridley Scott's Exodus.


Eddy Cue denies pen-throwing incident in Haunted Empire book

03/19, 1:36pm

Top Apple executives cast doubt on book

Apple's senior VP for Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, is denying an incident mentioned in the recent Yukari Iwatani Kane book Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs. The book claims that at one point, Jobs threw a pen at Cue's face. Asked if the anecdote is true, Cue told a reporter "No it's not."


Cook calls Haunted Empire 'nonsense,' insists Apple as strong as ever

03/18, 5:02pm

Book claims declining Apple culture

Yukari Iwatani Kane's book Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs is "nonsense," claims Apple CEO Tim Cook. "This nonsense belongs with some of the other books I've read about Apple," he says in a statement to CNBC. "It fails to capture Apple, Steve, or anyone else in the company. Apple has over 85,000 employees that come to work each day to do their best work, to create the world's best products, to put their mark in the universe and leave it better than they found it. This has been the heart of Apple from day one and will remain at the heart for decades to come. I am very confident about our future."


Briefly: YouTube iOS app updated, Steve Jobs remembered

03/17, 9:10pm

YouTube for iOS hits version 2.5, adds playlist and comment features

Google has updated its YouTube iOS app for the iPhone and iPad (free) to version 2.5, which brings the ability to share and like playlists of videos and access one's own favorites playlists from the built-in guide. Previously, users could only share videos rather than collections of videos. Also added to the iOS app is the ability to reply to comments, see if a comment was shared privately or publicly, and delete one's own comments.


Architect of Apple Campus 2 reveals Jobs' influence

03/04, 12:40am

Unusual single building will house 12,000 employees in far less space

One of the most overlooked factors in the spaceship-like ring design of Apple's forthcoming "Campus 2" is that the building is expected to house some 12,000 employees in a single (albeit enormous) structure -- about the same as Hewlett-Packard, the previous occupants of the land, house in more than 26 buildings formerly on the property. Chief Architect Norman Foster has recently revealed more details about the building's origins.


David Fincher attached as possible director of Sorkin Jobs biopic

02/26, 1:18pm

Fight Club director allegedly in talks

David Fincher -- famous for directing movies like Fight Club and The Social Network -- could be put at the helm of the upcoming Sony Steve Jobs biopic written by Aaron Sorkin, writes the Hollywood Reporter. The publication says that Fincher is in talks for the movie, the script for which was finished in January. The movie is expected to revolve around three scenes, lasting about 30 minutes each, set during three Apple product launches.


Serbian statue of Steve Jobs previewed in Belgrade

02/24, 9:21pm

Scale model will be sent to Apple for final approval

On the date of what would have been Steve Jobs' 59th birthday, an abstract statue featuring a bust of the Apple co-founder and computer age icon was previewed through a scaled-down model that is bound for Cupertino for final approval. The finished obelisk, when completed, will stand 10 to 16.4 feet in height and be installed somewhere on Apple's Cupertino campus. The work was selected from more than 10,000 entries in a contest.


Tim Cook takes to Twitter on Steve Jobs' posthumous 59th birthday

02/24, 2:51pm

Company still closely tied to co-founder's public image

Via Twitter, Apple CEO Tim Cook has posted a pair of quotes from company co-founder Steve Jobs on what would've been his 59th birthday. "Details matter, it's worth waiting to get it right," one of them reads. The other is Jobs' more famous adopted motto, "Stay hungry, stay foolish," which he took inspiration from (it originally appeared on the back cover of the last edition of The Whole Earth Catalog). To that quote, Cook adds that "We honor him by continuing the work he loved so much."


Steve Jobs to be commemorated on US stamp in 2015

02/20, 8:00pm

Apple co-founder stamp said to be already under development

The US Postal Service is planning to create a collectible stamp featuring Apple co-founder for former CEO Steve Jobs, reports The Washington Post. The information comes from a list of upcoming stamps uncovered by the newspaper, which also includes a number of cultural icons, including African-American architect Robert Robinson Taylor; entertainer Johnny Carson; movie star Ingrid Bergman, part of a "Legends of Hollywood" series; and music icons Elvis Presley and James Brown, again part of a set of music-related stamps.


Diggers recover 'Steve Jobs' time capsule in Aspen, Colorado

02/12, 10:00am

Capsule included Lisa mouse used by Jobs

Excavators have manged to locate a time capsule, buried in 1983, that contained a Lisa mouse used by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. At that year's Aspen International Design Conference in Colorado, Jobs gave a talk in which he foreshadowed technologies like tablets and wireless networks. Conference attendees were asked to contribute items to the "Aspen Time Tube," which has since become known as the "Steve Jobs Time Capsule," owing to the presence of the Lisa mouse.


Steve Jobs featured in new 'American Cool' gallery exhibit

02/10, 6:00pm

Part of the US tradition of 'inventor-heros,' captured in pre-Mac era

A rarely-seen picture of Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs is now hanging in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC. The image, part of the "American Cool" exhibit, shows a bearded, long-haired Jobs from 1981, riding a motorcycle between meetings on Apple's campus. The photographer responsible for the image, Charles O'Rear, is also well-known for the iconic, digitally-generated "Rolling hills/Teletubbyland" background used for Microsoft's Windows XP.


Cook, executive team look back and forward on 30th Mac anniversary

01/23, 10:17pm

ABC to air interview with Apple CEO on January 24

In what many might see as an unusual move for a forward-looking company, Apple is helping to celebrate the upcoming 30th anniversary of the Macintosh on Friday by talking with the press about the history of the company as well as its future. Macworld has just published an interview with several of the executive team -- Phil Schiller, Craig Federighi and software technology chief Bud Tribble -- while CEO Tim Cook will appear on ABC World News tomorrow evening.


Steve Jobs legal document nets $40,000 at auction

12/13, 1:25am

Partnership agreement shines light on little-known chapter

A 1978 legal agreement between two college buddies -- Steve Jobs, who was already involved at the time with Apple Computer, and Robert Friedland, who went on to become a mining tycoon and billionaire -- setting up partnership for an investment business has fetched $40,000 at auction. The eight-page legal document, creating a "place of business" in McMinnville, Oregon for dealing with real estate investments, bears the signatures of both men.


Kutcher biopic 'Jobs' debuts on Apple's iTunes for rent, sale

11/27, 12:21am

Movie drew mixed reviews, but was first in race to capture Jobs on film

Following its national theatrical debut in August, the independent biopic Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher in the title role of Apple's mercurial co-founder, is now available for sale on DVD and digital formats in stores and online, including Apple's own iTunes. The film, the first full-length theatrical movie to profile Jobs following his death in October 2011, received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike, but was notable for Kutcher's strong resemblance to Jobs.


Dropbox CEO: Steve Jobs wanted to buy us, tried to kill us

11/21, 10:38am

Dropbox chief says iCloud was direct shot at Dropbox

Dropbox founder and CEO Drew Houston says that late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs settled on killing off the popular file syncing system when Houston declined Jobs' offer of an acquisition. IT Business reported this week on Houston's remarks, which came in the course of a discussion on stage at Dreamforce, the annual conference in San Francisco. Houston says that the unveiling of iCloud was a direct shot at Dropbox, one he says the company has proudly survived.


Steve Jobs gets induction into Bay Area Business Hall of Fame

11/12, 2:40pm

Eddy Cue talks friendship, Jobs' help with wife's cancer

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs has received a posthumous induction into the Bay Area Business Hall of Fame. The induction actually took place last Thursday, but a new video of the ceremony highlights both Jobs' track record and a speech from Apple's senior VP of Internet software and services, Eddy Cue. Cue discusses how Jobs became a friend, and ended up helping his wife as she struggled with cancer.


Los Altos designates former Steve Jobs home as 'historic resource'

10/29, 12:50pm

Site represents origin of first Apple computers

The one-time Los Altos home of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, 2066 Crist Drive, has been designated a "historic resource" by the Los Altos Historical Commission. The group has voted unanimously in favor of an initiative to protect the space, which the Commission itself has been pursuing for about two years. As a consequence of this week's decision, Patricia Jobs -- Steve's sister, and the current owner of the home -- will be subject to extra review requirements if she chooses to make renovations. The Commission will also be able to make recommendations to City Council about any proposals.


Cupertino City Council uploads 'making of' Apple Campus 2 video

10/22, 12:20am

Includes video featuring Steve Jobs, live presentation by Dan Whisenhunt

The city of Cupertino's government has posted a complete video of a planning commission "study session" that included a presentation and questions about Apple's proposed Campus 2 project. The video begins with the initial "pitch" video of Apple's designs and plans for Campus 2, including audio from Steve Jobs during his initial presentation of the project, and comments from chief architect Norman Foster. Apple SVP of Design Sir Jonathan Ive is also seen in the promotional video.


USPTO confirms all claims in key 'Steve Jobs' iPhone patent

10/17, 11:27am

Re-establishes foothold for Apple lawsuits

The US Patent and Trademark Office has finished a re-examination of Apple's so-called "Steve Jobs patent" and upheld all 20 claims as patentable, reports note. The patent is 364 pages in length, and covers many of the core concepts of the iPhone. Last year it was challenged anonymously, however, and in December the USPTO issued a preliminary invalidation.


Former CEO Sculley: Cook doing 'a terrific job' at Apple

10/11, 2:22am

Says current Apple chief is right in 'not trying to be Steve Jobs'

The man who was Steve Jobs' successor to the role of Apple CEO in the 80s says that current CEO Tim Cook is doing "a terrific job" in running the world's most valuable company, and expressed confidence that Apple would continue to do well because "Apple makes great quality products" which will continue to find a lucrative audience. John Sculley told CNBC Asia during a recent interview that he feels Cook has been in correct in "not trying to be Steve Jobs [because] only one person could be Steve Jobs, and that was Steve."


Apple's Tim Cook issues memo on second anniversary of Jobs' death

10/04, 10:26am

CEO asks for dedication to work

Apple CEO Tim Cook has issued an email memo to employees on the eve of the second anniversary of Steve Jobs' death, reports say. "Team," it begins. "Tomorrow marks the second anniversary of Steve’s death. I hope everyone will reflect on what he meant to all of us and to the world. Steve was an amazing human being and left the world a better place. I think of him often and find enormous strength in memories of his friendship, vision and leadership.


Jobs' childhood home under consideration for 'historic' status

09/23, 3:29pm

Garage famous as birthplace for Apple I

The Los Altos Historical Commission will soon determine whether or not the childhood home of Steve Jobs is a historical site, reports say. Today the Commission is conducting a "historic property evaluation" of the building, located at 2066 Crist Drive. Should the group give the go-ahead, the city will have to preserve the structure for future generations.


Leaked NSA document calls Jobs 'Big Brother,' iPhone buyers 'zombies'

09/10, 11:50am

2010 slideshow identifies 38 different ways of tracking iPhone users

A National Security Agency presentation from 2010, leaked to Germany's Der Spiegel by Edward Snowden, calls former Apple CEO Steve Jobs "Big Brother" and iPhone customers his "zombies." The presentation is titled Exploring Current Trends, Targets and Techniques, and as a whole discusses NSA efforts to hack into iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices. Slides on iPhone location services make reference to Apple's own famous "1984" Macintosh ad, and by extension George Orwell's novel warning about government surveillance and the manipulation of history.


John Sculley offers most detailed account yet of Jobs' Apple ouster

09/10, 6:44am

John Sculley blames the Apple board for firing Steve Jobs

John Sculley has given his most detailed account of what led to his falling out with the late Steve Jobs, and Jobs' subsequent ouster at Apple, reports Forbes. As he has in the past, Sculley, 74, expressed regret over the way Jobs was treated, but felt that he wasn't solely to blame for the incident. Instead, Sculley argues that it was the board holds the most responsibility for firing Jobs from his own company. Sculley's latest remarks followed his disappointment with the Ashton Kutcher 'Jobs' biopic.


Wozniak: revolutionary products 'don't happen every year'

08/27, 10:00pm

Also says Microsoft 'resting on' its core markets, not 'nimble'

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was interviewed by the BBC yesterday and spoke on a number of topics, including Apple and its rivals, Microsoft and Samsung. He gave his backing to current Apple CEO Tim Cook, saying that "Steve Jobs ... chose Tim Cook to be in that role, in that position" and that the company has remained "nimble and innovative" over the years. He also weighed in on retiring Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.


First seven iPad-centric 'Steve JobsSchools' open in the Netherlands

08/21, 8:15pm

New schools completely replace textbooks, traditional curriculum with iPads

The Netherlands, which ranks ahead of the United States in education, has opened the first seven of 11 planned "Steve JobsSchools" in the country on Wednesday. The schools -- which eschew traditional curriculum and textbooks in favor of an iPad-centric, facilitated individual learning path that generally "thinks different" from traditional western schooling -- are located in the towns of Amsterdam, Breda, Almere, Heenvliet, and Emmen, with the "master" school located in Sneek. In both Breda and Sneek, the iPad will be used at all grade levels.


'Jobs' rakes in $6.7M on opening weekend, takes critical drubbing

08/20, 1:16am

Audiences, early Apple employees both give film mixed ratings

The opening weekend haul of the independent biopic Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher as the Apple CEO and co-founder fell short of distributor Open Road Films' hopes, bringing in $6.7 million across 2,381 screens in North America -- less than the $8-$9 million expected, but more than half of the estimated $12 million cost of the film. Critics and Apple fans tended to give the movie harsher notices -- noting the lower production values, shortcuts in the storytelling and focus more on Apple than Jobs himself, while mainstream audiences generally viewed Kutcher's portrayal of Jobs and Josh Gad's portrayal of Steve Wozniak with somewhat more favor than critics.


'Jobs' movie opens in theaters to another round of mixed reviews

08/16, 11:00pm

Most find acting better than story, take issue with historical accuracy

The independently-made biopic of Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs, entitled Jobs and starring Ashton Kutcher in the title role, has opened in cinemas around North America. Early reviews have largely given the film a thumbs down -- though somewhat surprisingly more for the story by first-time screenwriter Matt Whitely than for Kutcher, whom most critics thought was cast largely for his resemblance to Jobs over his mostly-lightweight acting abilities. Critics of the film have largely focused on the script's heavy emphasis on Apple rather than Jobs personally.


Ellison's controversial interview extends beyond Apple to Google, NSA

08/13, 4:52pm

Oracle CEO calls Page '100 percent' responsible for suit, NSA 'essential'

Larry Ellison's CBS interview broadcast earlier today, with more controversial contents from the billionaire. Speaking to Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning, in addition to comments about the eventual demise of Apple post-Steve Jobs, the Oracle CEO accused Google CEO Larry Page of acting "absolutely evil" in the Google versus Oracle Java trial. Furthermore, Ellison called the recently revealed NSA surveillance program as "absolutely essential" for national security, and laid out a very narrow parameter where he would be disturbed by it.


Larry Ellison voices pessimistic outlook of Apple without Steve Jobs

08/12, 11:18pm

Oracle exec expects history to repeat itself

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has voiced a seemingly pessimistic outlook for Apple's prospects without the ongoing leadership of Steve Jobs, according to an interview with Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning. When asked to comment on Apple's future under new leadership, Ellison says "well we already know" and references the company's troubled history between Jobs' resignation in the '80s and his return in the late '90s.


Jobs considered cutting pro products as far back as original iMac

08/09, 5:26pm

Said products' market was too limited

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs once consider eliminating all of the company's professional-oriented products, according to former Apple advertising consultant Ken Segall. The moment is said to have come shortly after the iMac became a bestseller and revived Apple's fortunes. Jobs mentioned the prospect during a meeting, arguing that while consumer product sales are unlimited, pro offerings target a niche audience while still devouring significant corporate resources. The CEO ultimately decided against the move for unmentioned reasons.


Mac icon designer Susan Kare offers 'Jobs'-related icon portraits

08/08, 7:00pm

Tie-in with film release also memorializes Apple co-founder

Legendary Macintosh icon designer and member of the original Mac team Susan Kare has issued two new 32x32 icons, each one a "pixel portrait" of either Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs or his doppelgänger in the new independent biopic Jobs, Ashton Kutcher. The movie tie-in also offers larger icon portraits of the two men available from Kare's website, with the film itself opening in cinemas on August 16. Kare worked for both Apple and NeXT as a creative director throughout the 1980s.


New trailer for 'Jobs' launched; Kutcher, Gad to hold QnA August 8

08/06, 7:30pm

Promotion building to a fever pitch ahead of August 16 opening

A new trailer for the independent biopic Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher in the title role, is now available in wide distribution. The ad itself, dubbed the "American Legend" trailer, features a number of previously-unseen clips from the film, which will be the first major movie about the Apple co-founder to reach the big screens apart from a limited run of a "lost interview" documentary featuring Jobs that appeared briefly last year. In addition to debuting the new trailer, stars Kutcher and Josh Gad will also be hosting a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) discussion on August 8.


Briefly: New clip from upcoming 'Jobs' biopic, MagBak hits funding goa

08/02, 12:41pm

JOBS clip depicts inception of the Apple brand

A new clip from the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, Jobs, has been posted online. In the scene Jobs and Wozniak, played by Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad, are driving while debating names for their new company. Jobs rejects any names related to Star Trek, threatening to drive the car off the road, but then grasps onto the name Apple arguing that it is "the fruit of creation" and "comes before Atari in the phonebook." While obviously fictionalized, this depiction does pull information from both Wozniak's and Job's stories of how the Apple name came to be.


Instagram hosts new 15-second ad for Kutcher 'Jobs' movie

07/15, 6:09pm

First official movie trailer using service's new video feature

A 15-second re-edited version of the trailer for the independent bioflick Jobs has debuted on Instagram, marking the first time the new video-sharing feature has been used to promote a cinematic movie. Much of the footage is repeated from the original high-definition trailer that debuted in June, but it does include several new shots despite the shortened length. The trailer, cut specifically for Instagram's 15-second video limit, features Ashton Kutcher as Jobs reciting lines from the "Here's to the Crazy Ones" ad over a montage of shots.


Steve Jobs to get posthumous Disney Legends award

07/10, 2:52pm

Dick Clark, John Goodman, Ed Wynn among other winners

The late Steve Jobs has been announced as one of winners of this year's Disney Legends Awards, and will be formally inducted August 10th at a ceremony during the Disney D23 Expo. Jobs was once an investor and CEO at Pixar; after Disney bought the studio, Jobs became Disney's biggest individual shareholder, also joining the Disney board of directors. Because of the connections between Apple and Disney, Apple sometimes puts an unusual emphasis on Pixar content, for instance using movies like Up to market the iPad.


Poster for Kutcher 'Jobs' biopic debuts ahead of August opening

07/03, 10:00pm

Like recent Apple signage, uses a thin font with bright colors

Following along two weeks after its first theatrical trailer, the independent biopic Jobs has unveiled the official movie poster, which capitalizes on star Ashton Kutcher's strong resemblance to the Apple co-founder and former CEO. The movie, which covers a roughly 30-year span of Steve Jobs' life (from a few years prior to founding Apple to the introduction of the iPod) will prominently feature Jobs' early adult years and thus the poster boasts a psychedelic array of colors, similar but different to Apple's recent redesign efforts.


Netherlands to launch iPad-based 'Steve Jobs schools' in August

07/02, 11:46am

Schools will also use freeform structures

Starting in August, 11 so-called "Steve Jobs schools" will start running in the Netherlands, says German publication Der Spiegel. The schools will be primarily iPad-based, substituting the tablet for things like textbooks and blackboards. Students will also be free of strict schedules, homeroom teachers, and even grades, choosing what they want to learn about and completing projects at their own pace.


Cupertino holds city meeting to discuss Apple Campus 2

06/27, 2:15am

New HQ slated to open in 2015, city soliciting public comments

The city of Cupertino held a meeting on Wednesday summarizing a first evaluation of the environmental impact of Apple's forthcoming Campus 2, a massive redevelopment project involving grounds formerly owned by HP and now controlled by Apple. The new, larger headquarters -- said to be urgently needed due to the expansion of Apple's workforce as a result of its success -- was among the last projects worked on by co-founder Steve Jobs before his death and is dominated by a large, "futuristic spaceship" style main building.


Woz: Kutcher 'Jobs' movie probably not accurate, but could be good

06/25, 9:00pm

Worries that Jobs to be shown as 'a saint' even in earliest days

Steve Wozniak, the legendary engineer and co-founder of Apple who earlier made some harsh remarks on the forthcoming independent film Jobs based on a pre-released scene, has softened his tone on the film starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs and Josh Gad as Woz. He still worries, however, that Jobs will be portrayed as always having been a visionary "saint" who was always right, rather than "one of the key people who led Apple through failure after failure" before coming back to Apple as a more mature leader.


First trailer for Joshua Stern's 'Jobs' goes online

06/21, 2:24pm

Ashton Kutcher-led film to arrive in August

The first trailer for Joshua Michael Stern's Jobs biopic has debuted online. The movie stars Ashton Kutcher as former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and Josh Gad as co-founder Steve Wozniak. The trailer (below) focuses on scenes of Apple's founding and initial success, but moves into Jobs being fired as CEO, only hinting at his "wilderness" years and later return to Apple.


Steve Jobs video from 1994 unearthed, shows reflections on legacy

06/18, 9:12pm

Jobs compared his work to 'a layer of sediment,' part of a mountain

In apparent response to a question that compared the computer and Internet revolution of the 80s and 90s to a new Renaissance, a never-publicly-seen video of Steve Jobs in 1994 -- while he was still with NeXT -- sees the bearded and reflective Apple co-founder commenting on his likely legacy and the place of the industry he helped create. The video was uploaded to a YouTube channel called "EverySteveJobsVideo" on Tuesday and comes from the Silicon Valley Historical Association.


Court evidence: Jobs read AppleInsider, queried Cue on reports

06/17, 7:19pm

Was concerned about how self-publishing, aggregators would be handled

According to a an email exchange between then-CEO Steve Jobs and Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue submitted in court earlier today as part of the Department of Justice's e-book price-fixing trial, Apple's co-founder and then-leader read Mac rumor-and-news sites such as AppleInsider and would question the veracity of items found there. In the exchange, which happened just three months after Apple had launched the iBookstore, Jobs wants to know more about self-publishing options.


Cue talks Steve Jobs' involvement in iBooks during Monday testimony

06/17, 5:15pm

Little new during executive's final court date

Under questioning at the ongoing DoJ v. Apple antitrust trial, the man who negotiated Apple's iBookstore deals with publishers -- Eddy Cue -- today disclosed some minor facts about Steve Jobs' involvement with the iBooks app. The topic came up during examination by Apple attorney Orin Snyder. Earlier in the trial, Cue established that Jobs was heavily into the concept of iBooks and the iBookstore once iPad development started ramping up. During today's testimony, Cue revealed that Jobs had micromanaged some of the smallest details of iBooks.


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