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TSA requires electronic devices to switch on before US-bound flights

07/07, 5:50am

Apple, Samsung smartphones singled out in TSA device power rules

Passengers of some international flights terminating in the United States will face a greater scrutiny of their electronics before being allowed on the airplane. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is putting into force new security rules that requires electronic devices to be able to switch on at the time of the security screening, with devices containing flat batteries unable to be let onboard.


ABC News busts TSA iPad thief; culprit blames wife

09/28, 12:47am

Investigation carried out at airports with 'history of TSA theft'

In an investigation launched by ABC News, a TSA officer in Orlando has been caught taking an iPad home that was left behind by the news crew to tempt prospective thieves. The iPad was one of ten purposely left behind at TSA checkpoints with a history of theft by government-hired employees. Nine others were put into the lost-and-found system, and their "owners" contacted, as dictated by policy.


US TSA seeking $3 million in Apple hardware and services

05/25, 1:36am

Intended for media production, forensics, software development

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) may purchase up to $3 million in Apple hardware over the next three years. Up to a thousand Macintosh and a thousand iOS mobile devices purchases are planned. The Apple equipment has been declared to be "critical to meet a variety of operational, programmatic, and mission-specific requirements" by the TSA.


TSA says all e-readers, netbooks OK in bags

04/08, 5:55pm

TSA lets e-book readers, netbooks stay in bags

The US Transport Security Administration (TSA) extended its device permissions this week to include e-book readers, netbooks and other small portable electronic devices don't have to be removed from their bags when going through the security gates at airports. This already applies to iPads but now extends to Kindles, Nooks, Sony Readers and netbooks with screens smaller than those of regular notebooks, which still need to be removed from their bags and scanned separately.


New TSA rules ban notebooks, Wi-Fi in late flight

12/28, 11:50am

International flights get reactionary security

The US Transport Security Administration late Sunday implemented new rules that are likely to have far-reaching implications for technology on planes. The security measures will ban those on international flights entering the US from having any "personal belongings" on their laps for the final hour of the flight, restricting notebooks and most other non-handheld devices. Access to carry-on bags is similarly restricted for the same period.



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