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New 60-second Apple TV ad showcases iPhone 5c, iOS 7

09/18, 6:35pm

Emphasizes the integration of color, form and function

Apple has debuted another new ad, hot on the heels of the first TV commercial that teased the iPhone 5c. The new spot showcases the integration of the colorful, youth-oriented iPhone 5c and the bright, fresh design of iOS 7. In tandem and as morphed together in the commercial, many of Apple's design choices for the product seem far more coordinated than they did when leaks of product parts and back shells were standalone items out of their full context. The 55-second ad is the first by Apple to draw attention to the now-released iOS 7.


Apple airs TV commercial for iPhone 5c ahead of retail debut

09/16, 11:30pm

Ad is identical to first spot shown during iPhone rollout last week

The short "liquid plastic" advertisement that was first shown during Apple's iPhone media event last week has now debuted on television, striking a different tone than the previous iPhone 5 ads by highlighting the colorful back shell of the updated iPhone 5c. The ad, now titled "Plastic Perfected," features a track from the group Sleigh Bells and ends with the tagline "coming soon," referring to the device's retail debut on Friday. The ad doesn't highlight any features, but the iPhone 5c has very few changes from the iPhone 5 on a hardware level.


KPN Mobiel TV commercial shows unknown Nokia Lumia device

02/15, 8:44am

Mystery smartphone could be continuity error

A television advertisement in the Netherlands may have accidentally shown an unreleased Nokia smartphone. The ad for Dutch carrier KPN Mobiel shows a number of phones being used by actors, with one appearing to have a different case design compared to others in the Nokia Lumia range, though this could be a continuity error rather than a new release.


Apple releases new iPad 2 ad: 'Learn'

09/01, 2:25am

Emphasizes educational and media apps

Apple has posted and broadcast a new ad for the iPad 2 entitled "Learn" that shows off the various educational and media abilities of the iPad, from mastering chess to playing an instrument and learning a language. The tone seems aimed at adults rather than specifically children or parents, leading off with scenes of a user watching a video using the TEDTalks app in a subtle acknowledgement that iPads also have strong appeal among older people.


Apple airs new iPod touch TV ad

02/28, 12:30am

New iPod touch TV ad

Although not yet available on Apple's website, Apple on Wednesday night released a new iPod touch commercial, touting its recently updated WiFi mobile device. Premiering on American Idol during US primetime, the ad features nearly a dozen iPod touch devices laying on a wooden tabletop, with one user showcasing various Touch features (internet, mail, maps, and video playback) using Apple's patented gestures to the lyrics "I don't want know what I want I'm looking for, but I know I want to look some more." The commercial ends showing several hands grabbing each iPod touch and a blank table showing with the "Everybody touch" caption.


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