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Toshiba pushing TransferJet wireless adapters in Europe this year

09/01, 8:19am

High-speed TransferJet adapters pass data between nearby devices at up to 375Mbps

Toshiba will be attempting to make TransferJet more prominent in the US and Europe, by releasing adapters for the high-speed wireless data transmission technology. The manufacturer is planning to use the Sony-created technology to provide quick transfers of data between devices located physically close to each other, with the dongles shipping to Europe later this year.


Toshiba's fast TransferJet data shuttling chip now available

01/04, 8:30pm

Tech transfers files at 560Mbps

Toshiba has announced that it is currently shipping TransferJet chips in sample quantities to electronics manufacturers. The LSI component, referred to as TC35420, is geared for smartphones, tablets and notebook computers, enabling such devices to wirelessly transfer multimedia files.


Canon shows Cross Media Station for charging, downloading

10/13, 5:30pm

Canon prototype to download, charge cameras

At the Canon Expo last month, the company showed off a new prototype device called the Cross Media Station. The hardware lets users simultaneously download images or videos from and charge a camera placed on top of it. The device can also share photos and videos with other users, with facial recognition that can group together images that contain the same person.


Sony intros Memory Sticks with TransferJet in Japan

01/19, 3:35pm

Sony intros 8GB Memory Stick with TransferJet

Sony has introduced new Memory Sticks with its TransferJet short-range wireless technology in Japan on Monday. The company has also introduced digital cameras that support the standard at CES earlier this month. While the first Memory Stick product with TransferJet has an 8GB capacity, it's expected that 16GB and 32GB versions are due to follow soon.


Sony to ship TransferJet chips in January

11/30, 2:40pm

Sony's TransferJet now up to 560Mbps

Sony began the week with word that it has developed the first practical chip for its TransferJet short-range wireless standard. The components will enable very high-speed wireless syncing for cameras, smartphones and similar devices, and in the development process has been upgraded from its original 375Mbps; it should now transfer as quickly as 560Mbps (70MB per second) when very close. Sony promises the improvements should boost the format's resistance to wireless interference.


Sony's TransferJet tech near ready

05/20, 3:50pm

Sony TransferJet tech due

Sony is bringing its TransferJet wireless data transmission technology closer to production by announcing recently it is now accepting licensing applications from interested companies. A Wednesday report has Sony taking "adopter" membership from companies that are interested in incorporating TransferJet into their products. TransferJet, which operates on a 4.5GHz radio frequency, lets users transfer data between portable devices at up to 375Mbps when they are about an inch apart. It is faster than wired USB 2.0 and FireWire connections and is supported by Japan, the US, European Union members and South Korea.



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