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Review: Samsung Galaxy Note

02/19, 10:05pm

Samsung Galaxy Note mega phone gets our review

Samsung made much ado of the Galaxy Note during the Super Bowl: the massive 5.3-inch screen and pen were tickets to "freedom" from the comparatively tiny iPhone. But are size and handwriting giving smartphone owners real choice, or is it an attempt to shoehorn the phone/tablet crossover into a market that doesn't want it? Our review of the Galaxy Note will find out if it's rethinking smartphones or just rewinding back to 2006-era PDAs.


Evi app for iOS, Android may mostly match, trump Siri

01/23, 7:10pm

Evi promises to answer complex questions by voice

True Knowledge has developed a voice command app that promises to beat Apple's Siri in key areas. Evi on iOS (99 cents, App Store) and Android (free during beta, Android Market) can answer typical Siri quesitons, such as restaurant recommendations, but specializes in answering answering the less immediate questions that would normally have Siri perform a generic web search. A deep knowledge class system lets it answer age comparisons, provide recipes, and otherwise answer directly.


Samsung Galaxy S II voice text ad 'forgets' to mention Siri

01/23, 6:25pm

Samsung miselads with Galaxy S II voice spot

Samsung has run another ad for the Galaxy S II that this time deliberately omits an iPhone feature that negates its advantage. One of those waiting in line for an iPhone ducks into a store and is impressed when he sees a clerk use Android's built-in Voice Actions to send a text. In a first for the ad campaign, the S II actually catches a buyer, who raises concerns among his iPhone queue friends when he doesn't come back.


Nuance buys Vlingo, takes out Siri rival

12/20, 11:40am

Nuance takes over Vlingo

Nuance shook up the smartphone field Tuesday by acquiring Vlingo. The deal gives it a natural language voice command system available both after the fact and preloaded on phones like the iPhone 4S, which itself uses Nuance as part of its recognition.


Vlingo sign-ons up 50% thanks to attention from Siri

10/17, 4:20pm

Vlingo sees huge grows as Siri launches

Vlingo, maker of voice recognition apps for various smartphone platforms, has been on a steady growth over the last week, with 2011 overall being the company's banner year. And with the introduction of the Siri voice action and AI system on the iPhone 4S having been just released, Vlingo CEO Dave Grannan may have been proven right in his belief that the Apple technology and its marketing would be good news for all voice recognition software. The recent growth may also be largely attributable to the company making its app free earlier this month, however, GigaOM reported.


iPhone 4S versus Galaxy S II: Apple may still win

10/04, 5:15pm

iPhone 4S claims minor edges over Galaxy S II

Apple with the iPhone 4S launch finally put out its answer to the Galaxy S II. Some might say it's catching up: both have dual-core processors, eight-megapixel cameras, and 1080p video. But Apple isn't necessarily just bringing itself up to par; we'll see in a quick breakdown where the 4S might be pulling ahead as well as where it has room to grow.


BlueAnt S4 BT speakerphone is entirely hands-free

05/17, 4:00pm

BlueAnt S4 ships entirely hands-free speakerphone

BlueAnt on Monday launched its S4 Bluetooth speakerphone for in-vehicle use. The device is said to be entirely handsfree once powered up, triggering it by saying "BlueAnt speak to me." Another phrase will trigger the voice-dialing feature, and then stored contacts can be called by speaking their name.



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