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Tesla founder dances around Apple acquisition talk

02/19, 10:15pm

Hints, but does not say, that 'conversations' centered around battery tech

Following reports that Apple had secretly met with officials from electric car company Tesla to discuss unspecified partnerships, the CEO Elon Musk commented on the rumors -- but phrased his replies in such a way that suggested either he was uninvolved in the talks (which seems unlikely) or didn't want to make clear what the "conversations" with Apple were actually about. Though confirming the meetings, Musk said little about them.


Google completes $3.2B acquisition of smart thermostat maker Nest

02/12, 9:21am

Smart appliance manufacturer purchase finalized by Google

Google has completed its acquisition of smart digital thermostat and smoke detector manufacturer Nest. A filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission shows the purchase of the hardware producer has been finalized and ended on February 7th, with the high-profile acquisition costing Google $3.2 billion in cash. Former iPod designer Tony Fadell will continue to lead the company, reporting to Larry Page.


Nintendo to consider mergers and acquisitions in future

02/02, 6:00pm

Gaming company to reevaluate business strategies

Nintendo is off to a rough start in 2014, after news in January of a less-than-optimal quarterly performance for the company that saw the forecast number of units of the Wii U cut as revenues were down across the board. It didn't help that the company that it opened itself up to a small controversy over the use of smartphones to market upcoming products -- a plan it first denied, then admitted to. However, the recent decline has caused Nintendo to look toward a different future as it looks to opening up new business strategies.


Rumor: AT&T in talks with European regulators to buy Vodafone [U]

01/26, 3:46pm

Discussions could lead to $99 billion acquisition of European carrier

[Updated with AT&T comment] AT&T could be looking towards a purchase of Vodafone in the future, with reports that the company is talking to European regulators over a potential acquisition in the region of £60 billion ($99 billion). AT&T CEO and chairman Randall Stephenson is said to have met with EU Telecoms Commissioner Neelie Kroes at the World Economic Forum, with a possible acquisition of the UK carrier reportedly discussed.


Apple confirms acquisition of social media analyst Topsy Labs

12/02, 7:40pm

Company studies Twitter tweets to determine trends, ad effectiveness, more

Apple has confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that it has purchased social media analysis firm Topsy Labs for over $200 million, though the final price was not disclosed. The company declined to elaborate on why it acquired Topsy, which is mainly known for its analysis of Twitter's output of both tweets and user data -- but its ability to target ads to iTunes Radio and mobile users, find "influencers" or use Twitter's data on music tastes to help shape iTunes Radio stations are all among the possibilities.


Nokia shareholders approve Microsoft Devices and Services acquisition

11/19, 10:58am

Transfer of Nokia division to Microsoft expected to complete in early 2014

Shareholders at Nokia have approved the sale of the company's Devices and Services arm to Microsoft. Those eligible to vote overwhelmingly accepted the deal, with 99.7 percent agreeing to take the 5.44 billion euro ($7.35 billion) deal, and removes one more hurdle in Microsoft's quest to own part of Nokia's hardware business.


Yahoo confirms Tumblr acquisition, Tumblr to remain independent

05/20, 11:23am

Number of blog transfers to Wordpress spikes after Board approval

Yahoo has confirmed it has bought Tumblr, in a deal noted yesterday to be in the region of $1.1 billion. The search company has already moved its company blog over to the blogging platform, and despite CEO Marissa Mayer saying "We promise not to screw it up," there is reportedly a large jump in the number of users moving from Tumblr to Wordpress.


SoftBank aims to complete Sprint acquisition by July 1st

04/16, 8:17am

Statement states companies in advanced approval stages

Japanese carrier SoftBank is expecting to complete its acquisition of Sprint by July, despite a sudden roadblock in the form of alternate offers to Sprint. A statement from Softbank providing a date for completion comes in the wake of Sprint receiving a second bid from Dish Network to merge, valued at $25.5 billion.


Report: Apple's Lala, Color acquisitions reveal buyout style

01/18, 9:00pm

'We just met, and this is crazy, but here's a number, call us maybe?'

A new published account of how Apple acquired both the technology and employees of music startup Lala and failed social network Color sheds insight into the deal-making style of Apple executives, at least while Steve Jobs was CEO. Aubrey Johnson, a former designer at Color, recounts the rise of Lala and the struggles of Color and how Apple eventually paid "pennies on the dollar" to acquire the Color talent that had walked away from the Lala deal. The blog post sheds some light on the workings of small acquisitions and backroom dealings.


Verizon wireless now offered with Time Warner Cable bundles

04/13, 8:45am

Verizon and Time Warner start on new partnership

Verizonís controversial $3.6 billion acquisition of AWS spectrum licenses from cable companies initiated late last year has now borne fruit with its wireless services now being offered with Time Warner Cable bundles. When the deal was first announced, it was intended that Verizon would partner with the cable companies to help expand their services. Time Warner explains in its FAQ that the new bundle now offers customers the opportunity to also enjoy content wirelessly on mobile devices as well.


AT&T reorgs executives after T-Mobile merger attempt

01/31, 5:25am

AT&T undertakes leadership shakeup

Following its failed attempt to acquire T-Mobile, AT&T has begun a reorganization of its leadership, according to Reuters. The changes have seen experienced, longs-serving AT&T executives promoted. 27-year veteran John Stankey has been put in charge of strategy, while Forrest Miller, the current head of corporate strategy and mergers and acquisitions is retiring after 30 years. The company also said that 32-year company man Andy Geisse will head up the business segment, and and John Donovan will take over duties leading the AT&Tís technology and network operations.


Apple's buyout of NeXT reaches 15th anniversary

12/21, 2:30am

Purchase changed fortunes of Mac maker

December 20th marked the 15th anniversary of the day Apple announced a buyout of NeXT, the startup technology firm founded by Steve Jobs that eventually provided both the technology and the executive team that formed the basis of Mac OS X, the operating system that set the company on a new path. The $429 million paid for NeXT was until recently Apple's largest-ever acquisition, but the investment has stood the test of time.


Google bid against itself in Motorola negotations

09/13, 10:10pm

Search giant paid 30 percent over first bid

Google reportedly bid against itself during the negotiations that led to the company's Motorola Mobility acquisition. A proxy statement posted by the SEC sheds light on details surrounding the deal, which could have been made for $30 per share if Motorola and its advisory firm, Qatalyst Group, had not pushed Google to make secondary offers that consequently brought the purchase price up to $40 per share.


AT&T sweet talking tech firms on T-Mobile merger

05/19, 8:05am

AT&T meets with tech firms for T-Mobile deal

AT&T is said to be sweet talking tech firms on its planned acquisition of T-Mobile. Insiders report that its executives have met with the top Silicon Valley companies and venture-capital firms. The discussions, which were cordial, form a critical component of AT&Tís proposed $39 billion take-over of T-Mobile. Their support, or at the very least lack of objection, will help it convince the Department of Justice and the FCC to green light the deal.


Garmin acquires bicycle tech company MetriGear

09/21, 10:50pm

MetriGear produces cycling power sensors

Garmin has announced its acquisition of MetriGear, a Silicon Valley-based startup that has focused on technology for bicyclists. The purchase is expected to help Garmin expand its fitness division, which currently offers a variety of Edge-series GPS systems that combine GPS tools with cycle computer functionality.


FTC pressures Echofon to blast Google's AdMob acquisition

05/17, 9:35pm

Dialogue described as an "interrogation"

Naan Studio, the software developer behind Echofon Twitter apps, has detailed its experience dealing with the FTC over Google's acquisition of AdMob. In a company blog, staff member Chika suggests the FTC pressured her to criticize the deal despite Naan's overall support for the acquisition. The dialogue was described as more of an "interrogation," while the FTC reportedly dismissed the company's larger concern over Apple's rival deal with Quattro Wireless.


Google confirms acquisition of VoIP company Gizmo5

11/12, 10:45pm

Buy could help company compete with Skype

Google on Thursday officially confirmed its acquisition of the VoIP company Gizmo5. Unnamed sources leaked the information earlier this week, including the alleged $30 million price tag. The startup initially had been eyed by Skype, however the deal never materialized.


Apple wants PA Semi's technology, minds

04/23, 10:55pm

Apple wants PAs technology

Apple's recent acquisition of PA Semiconductor appears to revolve around the latter company's intellectual properties and expertise, not its current products as was initially believed. AppleInsider reveals that Apple is more concerned with PA's technologies and engineers, since the semiconductor manufacturer has in the past created a dual-core 64-bit chip which only uses 15 watts of power to operate. This could allow for integration of low-consumption processors like the Intel Atom.


SlingCatcher delayed until late 2008?

04/09, 10:20pm

SlingCatcher delayed

Sling's long-awaited Sling Catcher is suffering from a delay that will most likely push its release to late 2008. The delay was discovered by Engadget reader "Christopher", who was a prospective customer of Sling's, noting that the vice president of sales Gregg Wilkes sent him an email informing him that the device was not up to the company's high standards. Wilkes also cited that the company's recent acquisition by EchoStar has caused for some complications.


DAQ: first OS X 64-bit data acquisition app

02/25, 3:45pm

64-bit data acquisition

VVI has updated its data acquisition and strip chart application, DAQ Plot to version 10.5.1. Te new release adds 64-bit capabilities, making it the first 64-bit capable app of its kind available for Mac OS X. The app is traditionally used in medical device, pharmaceutics and other important health and engineering projects. The new release also uses the latest hardware-accelerated graphics techniques to deliver data acquisition is real-time and up to 50,000 samples per second.


Yahoo shareholders sue, Microsoft shuffles

02/15, 1:45pm

Yahoo sued by shareholders

Microsoft's attempted acquisition of Yahoo! has gotten a bit more contentious. Bloomberg reports that a group of Yahoo shareholders have jointly filed a lawsuit against the search company for rejecting the $45 billion offer from Microsoft. Michigan's Wayne County Employees' Retirement System, which owns a relatively small 13,000 block of shares of Yahoo claims in the suit that the company failed to enter into substantial negotiations with Microsoft. "The board of directors is continually evaluating all of its strategic options. Our board believes the Microsoft proposal substantially undervalues Yahoo," Yahoo spokesperson Diana Wong told Bloomberg.


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