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Hands On: Stickman Rush v1.1 (iOS)

05/04, 10:39am

Quirky road-rage based games has players avoiding accidents, jumping TVs

We dig games. We spend a lot of time playing them around here, and we've become somewhat adept at picking out games that we think are particularly good examples of both enjoyable and challenging mechanics. We took a look at a fun, albeit strange title that we think you'll like, called Stickman Rush.


Hands On: Bean Dreams -- Bean's Quest 2.0 (iOS)

05/04, 7:08am

Meticulous gathering game makes us say 'thanksaxolotl'

Bean Dreams: Bean's Quest 2 by Kumobius is a 2D platformer starring ... you guessed it, a jumping bean. Currently, there are 13 "dreams" with six stages each, to be played through as the hat-wearing bean bouncing around collecting fruit and finding adorable pink axolotls sequestered away in difficult-to-get-to nooks of each level.


Hands On: Tunable v1.2 (iOS)

05/03, 1:28pm

Easy to use tool for musicians includes tone generator, tuner, and metronome

Being a musician today certainly has its perks. Between the accessibility of starter instruments and the wide variety of sounds available to musicians, it's a great time to start playing, regardless of skill or previous experience. Of course, there's also the added bonus of the wide variety of apps available to musicians, which can do everything from teach you how to play, to recording, to keeping everything working just the way it should. Today we checked out Tunable, an easy to use app for both the iPhone and the iPad that lets musicians tune their instruments on the go.


Hands On: Give It Up! 1.3 (iOS, Android)

05/02, 2:01pm

Cute and rhythmic, but tries too hard in the attitude department

We enjoy rhythm games, particularly when the music is catchy -- and if there's a character that makes adorable squeaky noises, so much the better. There's a lot to be said for the satisfaction inherent in getting into a groove and becoming one with the music. If the groove is elusive, than finding it becomes so much sweeter. One such app is Give It Up! by Invictus, and we really wanted to like it. The music is fun, and the little character is an adorable blob of ink that bounces and squeaks when the player is doing well, and even its death animation is cute. Unfortunately, we followed the advice given in the app's title.


Hands On: Split v1.0.2 (iOS)

05/02, 8:18am

Simple app tackles the problem of comparing multiple sites with ease

Switching back and forth between web pages in Safari on the iPad is a massive pain. Trying to compare any sort of information becomes tedious and frustrating, and more often than not, we find ourselves bolting to the nearest desktop or notebook computer to do our research instead. That's where Split comes in, a simple little browser that allows you to compare two webpages, side by side, at the same time.


Hands On: Debate Time 1.0 (iOS)

05/01, 4:01pm

Even our political games aren't funny

You've got 18 months of hard political campaigning left before your Presidential elections: here in the UK we have less than a week. Next Thursday, 7 May, is our General Election and while take very seriously the job of choosing the least worst candidate available to us, it is fair to say that we are ready for some relief. Debate Time is an iOS game that intends to do exactly that by switching our attention from the political party leaders to cartoon images of the same people.


Hands On: Drop Wizard 1.0 (iOS)

05/01, 1:50pm

Single-Screen 2D 16-bit arcade fun

Drop Wizard is a single-screen 2D arcade platformer, with an adorable 16-bit style in the tradition of the original Mario Brothers. In Drop Wizard, the only thing the player controls is direction of travel. Every time the wizard drops down to a new level, he shoots a bolt from his wand in the direction he's facing, hence the name.


Hands On: iMindQ 6.2.0 (OS X)

05/01, 11:04am

Mind mapping to project management in one go

The easiest way to describe iMindQ is to say that it is a mind-mapping application: you can jot down stray ideas, then sort them out, join them up into groups, and be sparked into thinking of more related ideas. Even the makers start by calling it mind mapping, but really this is something more than that.


Hands On: Apple Season v1.0.1 (iOS)

05/01, 7:04am

Fast-paced, apple-catching action in another Orisinal arcade title

If we've said it once, we've said it a dozen times: we like arcade games. We like beating our own high scores, and we even begrudgingly admit to liking the fact that we'll eventually lose when we play them. Maybe it's nostalgia from our arcade days, or maybe it's some form of gamer-based masochism. Whatever it is, we keep coming back to the genre, time and again. One example is Apple Season, which will challenge your reflexes and ability to quickly catch apples as they fall from the sky.


Hands On: Disk Sensei 1.0 (OS X)

04/29, 5:09pm

Fast, detailed hard disk monitoring utility

There's nothing better than checking out the state of your hard disk, and we've all spent many happy hours twiddling with a drive instead of getting on with our work. Yet those disks that we forget about will go wrong just about as certainly as they will fill up. Maybe they won't go wrong today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life. Usually that's the reason why you should have backups, and it still is, but it's now also a good reason to try out Disk Sensei. It's a quick and thorough utility that reports on the current health of your drives, as well as then taking steps to keep them running well.


Hands On: 2.0 (iOS)

04/28, 5:54pm

Basic counter gets iOS 8 facelift

Yesterday was a handy and simple app for counting things: today it's 2.0, a more elaborate application that comes with a new iOS 8 look and features. It's lost a little of the simplicity that made it appealing but the new aesthetic is good and an ability to export your counts is handy.


Hands On: Carrot Hunger 1.0.1 (iOS)

04/25, 11:16pm

Put down those bags of meat, you meatbags

A sad by-product of being made of meat is that we must eat, but not too much. Enter Carrot Hunger, the talking calorie counter. Did you ever wish you could get nutrition advice from GLaDOS? Well you can't, but that's okay, because Carrot has three times the attitude, and actually cares about your health. No really you guys, she cares. She's just also a big proponent of tough love; and by "tough love" we mean massive amounts of sarcasm and dry wit.


Hands On: SmartDown 1.0.4 (OS X)

04/25, 8:00am

Text editor and outliner, all with Markdown

It's not as if you are stuck for applications to write in: whether you go for Microsoft Word or TextEdit, there are just about 40 different word processors for every man, woman and child on the planet. It's just that not many work in Markdown, which is a form of writing, a format, and a syntax that works well for the web. SmartDown is one of those, and it works very well.


Hands On: Sorcery! 3 – The Seven Serpents 1.0.2 (iOS, Android)

04/24, 7:25pm

The quest for the crown continues

The third installment of Steve Jackson's Sorcery! game series is now available from iTunes. It isn't necessary to play the first two chapters to enjoy the third; each leg of the journey is its own self-contained quest and story. However, for those willing to put in the time, a magic word is given at the end of each game to add input into the next. Friendships, items, curses, abilities, and knowledge transfer from one to the other, giving the whole experience a richer feel.


Hands On: Hazel 3.3.5 (OS X)

04/24, 4:24pm

Power file sorting tool that should be on every Mac

You don't hear enough about Hazel from Noodlesoft. Its simplest description is that it automatically does things for you to do with files and folders, it moves and renames and sorts them. Unfortunately, one reason you don't hear enough about it is that once you've set it up, you never have to think about it again. It just keeps right on doing its stuff. That's admirable, and it's also a shame for Noodlesoft, which should be lauded more. It's also a shame for you, because you genuinely forget that it's there when you could be using it for more and more.


Hands On: Deliveries 6.1 (iOS, Mac)

04/24, 12:33pm

Deliveries makes us as happy as a new phone book makes Steve Martin

We've said it before in other venues, but it's worth repeating: when you become an adult, you get really excited over the strangest things. You know that part in the 1979 film The Jerk when Steve Martin's character jumps up and down yelling, "the new phone book is here! The new phone book is here!"? That was us when we tried out Deliveries: a package tracker by Junecloud. We tested Deliveries on an iPhone 5 and an iPad Mini 2, but there's also a Mac app, and everything syncs through iCloud.


Hands On: Tiffen Dfx v4 digital filter suite with video demo

04/23, 11:36am

New filters style, enhance video like filters for photographs

For more than 70 years, Tiffen has been a leading manufacturer of professional filters for photography and film. Generally, their premium glass filters are the first thing that comes to mind for anyone who hears the name "Tiffen." These filters would need to be applied at the time the photos or videos were being shot, but now in the digital age they can be applied in the post-production world as well with Tiffen's Dfx filter packs. Earlier this year, an update to version 4.0 was released, and we got our hands on a set to see what changes have been made.


Hands On: Carcassonne 4.10 (iOS)

04/23, 7:33am

Smooth and faithful iPad version of the board game

If it were any more famous, you'd have heard of it. Or possibly also have been there. For Carcassonne is a French town, and it's a board game, and it's now an iPad app. Take on the world through Game Center, take on the people in your house, or just play against the iPad and not have to spend an evening with anyone. If you like board games, this is so good that you've probably got it already.


Review: Linksys WRT1200AC Dual-Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Router

04/23, 12:33am

Super easy to set up with lots of advanced features for networking and media

Once upon a time, a brand-new Linksys router showed up on our doorstep. So we gathered some network-minded friends together, and hooked it up to the Internet. We ran it through its automatic set up, and downloaded a few iOS and Android apps that would allow us to do cool stuff like stream media from an external drive plugged into the router to our mobile devices or a Chromecast. We fiddled, poked, and prodded so we could report back. Over all, we had a good experience setting up and using the brand new model from Linksys, but it wasn't without its challenges. What challenges, you ask? Check our review and find out.


Hands On: Epic Win 1.65 (iOS)

04/22, 4:51pm

Dull errands become vital quests in the grand adventure of your life

When we look at what our friends are posting online, everybody seems to have come down with a case of the "I don't wanna's." Even when the errand will lead to something cool, like, "fix rip in tent" or "buy zombie makeup," having a list of stuff you need to get done is dull and unexciting. EpicWin by supermono limited wants to make a to-do list into a series of quests that will bestow great power and treasure upon the murder hobo ... uh, sorry ... upon the brave Adventurer with the wherewithal to take them on.


Hands On: Storest 1.3 (iPad)

04/22, 1:44pm

Kids love playing store, and now they can create a real store with paper

Storest by Pixle has to be, hands down, one of the cutest apps we've seen so far this year. The app has two modes: the first is a virtual store where a kid can play at shopping, checking out, paying and getting change, on the tablet itself. The other mode provides materials to be printed and cut out, so a real store-themed play space can be set up in the physical realm, with the app used as the cash register. Storest isn't so much a game as an educational tool or prop to facilitate play, and we are utterly charmed by it.


Hands On: RetriCam 1.0 (iOS)

04/22, 7:35am

Apply the filters before you take the picture

We've spoken before in this space about the importance of sweet filters when it comes to posting pictures on line. Generally, the user takes the picture, and then plays around with filters to see which one will make the image really pop. RetriCAM by Sergii Gerasimenko is here to cut out the middle-man. This app has a variety of "live" filters which are applied to the app's camera view before the picture is taken. So there's no fiddling around with the image -- the picture is already vintage or stylized as soon as it exists, and is ready to post immediately. While we're not sure this was a problem that really needed to be solved, RetriCam does have a couple of really sweet filters.


Hands On: ScreenFlow 5.01 (OS X)

04/21, 1:07pm

Superb tool for recording anything on your Mac's screen

Seriously, how often are you ever going to need to record a video of what's on the screen of your Mac? Unless you are the sort who routinely demonstrates things, you know it's not a very big number of times -- but we're going to tell you that it is precisely the same number of times that you should be using ScreenFlow 5.01.


Hands On: Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft 2.5.8416 (iOS, Android)

04/21, 8:23am

Blizzards online collectable card game comes to mobile platforms

This reviewer has been avoiding Hearthstone since it first came out. We doubted our conviction in being able to resist spending scads of money on card packs, or spending on extra money on a card that represented something with which we had a particular attachment from our time playing World of Warcraft. Time and experience dealing with games with in-app micro-transactions later, we think we're finally ready to take the plunge, now that Hearthstone is on iOS. In a nutshell, we enjoyed the experience, and find the game as a whole charming.


Review: Neurio Intelligent Home Monitor

04/20, 3:03pm

Keeping track of what's on, and what it's costing

Neurio Home Intelligence is a piece of hardware that, when integrated into a home's breaker box, monitors electricity usage and allows the homeowner to see at a glance if they left the oven on, and what their electric bill might be. While the installation seems simple enough, we recommend having a qualified, professional electrician install it; using it after that is as easy as pie. While the performance of the Neurio Home Intelligence wasn't as magical as some of the documentation made it out to be, we really like this thing, and found it very useful -- check our review to see why we liked it so much.


Hands On: BusyContacts 1.0.2 (OS X)

04/20, 9:04am

So, anyway, why haven't you bought it yet?

BusyMac, the makers of BusyContacts, have been steadily adding to this address book app with the kind of attention you get when you've gone from a beta to a shipping product and now have customers all over the world stress-testing it every day. There have been many fixes to bugs we hadn't ever encountered ourselves and there have been improvements to features that we did spot and do like. However, regard this as less of a Hands On 2 review, more a nudge that we think you should get this app.


Hands On: Office Lens 1.01 (iOS, Android)

04/20, 7:20am

Smart document scanning app comes to iOS

Didn't we just do this one? At first glance, if you compare the new Microsoft Office Lens to Evernote Scannable, you might conclude that one is red and one is a sort of cyan blue. Otherwise, they do the same job of scanning documents very quickly, they do the same job of processing them, and they do a very similar job of passing that data on to other applications. In the case of Office Lens, that is chiefly anything beginning with Microsoft, and with Scannable, that is chiefly Evernote.


Hands On: Flashlight 1.0 (OS X)

04/19, 5:26pm

Extend Apple's Spotlight features with this free utility

Those of us who have used Apple's built-in local search tool Spotlight through its early years to now often find they've outgrown it, and are now life-support-dependent upon Alfred 2. Yes, there was some notable improvement in Yosemite, but it was too little, too late. Now Flashlight could bring us back. It's a free application that extends Spotlight's searching facilities, and to give you quick access to different corners of your Mac. From the keyboard, you can search the web, start a phone call, email someone a file, or shut down your Mac.


Hands On: Pagico 7 (OS X, iOS, Windows)

04/19, 11:05am

Mid-range project management tool that works cross platform

When To Do apps just aren't powerful enough for you, when OmniPlan is too powerful and when Microsoft Project might be powerful enough but is only on Windows, there is Pagico. It is a mid-range project management app which means it doesn't have superpowers but it does have strength and it does have ease of use.


Hands On: Sorcery! 1.4.3 and Sorcery! 2 1.1.4 (iOS, Android)

04/19, 8:07am

An an epic quest in a vintage tabletop RPG style from Steve Jackson

The third installment of Steve Jackson's Sorcery will be out later this month, so we sat down with the first and second chapters in preparation. Sorcery and Sorcery 2 are, at their core, choose-your-own-adventure style experiences, but it all has a very vintage table-top RPG flair we really appreciate.


Hands On: Sue Doku 2.0.0 (iOS)

04/17, 4:33pm

Curses. It's on the iPhone now. How will we get any work done?

Bad news for fellow addicts of the iPad game Sue Doku: it's been updated, and is now a universal app. You do hear that term a lot, and it often isn't explained, so let us clear that up now: a universal app means Sue Doku is now available on both your iPad and iPhone. Translation: distraction. It's just a sudoku app, we can stop playing any time, but it is a particularly well done one on the iPad, and enough so that we sidled back to our desk to quietly pick up our phones and download it immediately.


Hands On: TapSlide v1.0 (iOS)

04/16, 1:26pm

Spacial reasoning puzzle may help you hone cognative ability

Puzzle games are considered casual gaming, requiring little skill to solve the problems presented. However, every so often we come across a game that poses an actual challenge, a game that is mind-meltingly difficult, and that's what we've discovered today. We took a look at Tapslide, a game that will give even the most battle-hardened puzzle players a mental workout.


Hands On: DevonAgent Pro (OS X)

04/16, 9:24am

It has a very particular set of skills and it will find you

You've got to really need to find something before you'll bother going away from Google, and you've really, really got to need to find it before you'll spend money on a search utility. Yet don't see this as a reason why DevonAgent Pro must be a niche product, or see it as telling that this app satisfies those most demanding searches and searchers. It's a $50 utility for your Mac that does just do searches, but it does them through an intelligent and supremely customizable set of tools.


Hands On: Mophie Space v2.0.2 (iOS)

04/16, 7:11am

File organizer and transfer app makes quick work of arduous tasks

We love using our iPhones and iPads as much as anyone else, but we do have a few issues with the process as a whole. Sometimes transferring files between our computers and our iDevices is a real hassle. What if we don't have iTunes on the computer we want to use? What if we need to do it quickly? What if we forgot our cables? That's why we checked out Mophie Space, an app that helps you out if you're ever in any of these situations.


Hands On: Sunny v1.618 (iOS)

04/14, 1:15pm

Unique relaxation app offers calming sounds and eye-catching interactive visuals

We like our relaxation apps here, from our sound generators to our guided meditation apps. We're also open to trying things that are a little more "out there," which was one of the biggest reasons we took a look at Sunny, an audio and visual relaxation app that's pretty special.


Hands On: Casanova v1.0.0 (iOS)

04/14, 7:36am

Cute and challenging arcade game

Cute games often get a bad rap for being too easy, and we tend to agree. Cuteness is often one of the first bullet points on the list of things that make up casual games, and even the look alone tends to tell you what's in store, even before you begin playing. Well, fortunately for those of you who like cute games but wish they were a bit more challenging, Orisinal must have had you in mind when he designed Casanova, an absurdly challenging and absurdly cute arcade game.


Hands On: OmniOutliner 2.3 (iOS)

04/13, 7:04pm

It's now on iPhone too, go buy it

If you've never heard of OmniOutliner before, then one thing you need to know is that is an outlining app -- you're not surprised so far -- which is so good that it will convert you to using outlines. It very much surprised us first, as it tricked some of our most outline-resistant reviewers into using it for planning complex pieces. Then it downright startled us, because we began using it outside writing: we've planned vacations on this thing.


Hands On: Breath of Light v1.0.1444 (iOS)

04/13, 1:18pm

Peaceful puzzler markets itself as 'meditative'

Meditation has been proven, time and time again, to be good for you. Even five minutes in the middle of a particularly stressful day can help lower blood pressure, clear your head, and prevent the onset of stress-related disease. But what if you're not used to meditating? What if you're not the type to sit in silence? The makers of Breath of Light have a solution for that, and it might not be one that you'd expect.


Hands On: DomiNations v1.2.51 (iOS)

04/13, 7:28am

Tactical resource management title adds new improvements to the genre

Tactical games are popular these days, in no small part to how well they translate over to a mobile platform. Clash of Clans has seen substantial success, and since then the App Store has exploded into similarly-designed titles. We took a look at DomiNations, a tactical resource management game that attempts to put a new spin on a developing genre.


Hands On: StarDrive 2 (OS X, Windows)

04/10, 11:45am

Space strategy game has players conquoring planets and batting aliens

If you're a strategy game fan, chances are you're aware of 4x games, like Sid Meier's Civilization series. 4x stands for "eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate," which means that the player is in control of an empire that's eager to expand. Popularized nearly three decades ago, 4x games are gaining some traction in the gaming community again, especially with players who grew up playing the genre in the 1990s. Because of this, titles like Galactic Civilizations II and Civilization V have seen some decent success. We checked out StarDrive 2, a space-themed 4x that has players expanding their empire across the vast reaches of space.


Hands On: Carnage Crossing v1.0.1 (iOS)

04/10, 8:56am

Frogger meets Burnout in this strangely fun arcade game.

We love arcade games. We love arcade games so much that it wouldn't be a stretch to say they're probably one of our favorite genres around these parts. There's something about the "beat the high score" mechanic, the simple controls, the overall nostalgic feel. That's why we were so excited to try Carnage Crossing, a funny little Frogger-type arcade game.


Hands On: HelloCamera v0.9.99 (iOS)

04/10, 7:20am

Unique and quirky camera app that offers a lot for beginners!

Photography apps are a personal choice to a lot of us, and what one person likes, another may hate. That is one of the biggest reasons we check out so many camera and photography apps here, as an attempt to give you as many options as possible. As a true labor of love, we checked out HelloCamera, a quirky little camera and filter app with some interesting features.


Hands On: Keezy v3.0 (iOS)

04/09, 6:56pm

Make professional, fun, high-quality sound loops!

If you've ever spent a quiet day indoors with nothing to do, chances are you know how much you'd welcome a noisy distraction. But maybe it's the middle of the day, and there's nothing good on TV, or maybe you're feeling a little creative. That's why you should check out Keezy, a unique music-making app that just about anyone can master.


Hands On: VoidExpanse 1.2.2 (Windows, OS X)

04/09, 4:10pm

Space adventure allows players to explore and quest at their own pace

There's something to be said about games that give you the chance to do whatever you want, however you want, and as fast or slow as you want to do it. Not sandbox games, but rather games with solid objectives but no heavy-handed storylines or time constraints hanging over your head. That's exactly the type of game you get with the very Escape Velocity-like VoidExpanse, a charming little space-shooter that lets you play at your own pace.


Hands On: PDF Max 4 Pro v4.1.2 (iOS)

04/09, 11:14am

Sign, annotate, read PDFs with this streamlined app

PDFs are wonderfully convenient ways to read eBooks, fill out forms, or just provide users with a high-resolution, easy-to-read format. Apple's iBooks allows users to read PDFs on their iPhone and iPads, but sometimes we feel like it's missing a few key features, like the ability to annotate the PDF you're reading. That's where apps like PDF Max 4 Pro come in, which allow you to do more with all those PDFs you've been stockpiling.


Hands On: Hanx Writer 1.1.1 (iOS)

04/09, 9:26am

Chack chack chack chack chack chack ding! Zzzzzzip!

A certain subset of our friends are currently obsessed with custom-making their own mechanical computer keyboards. Without going too much into how keyboards work, proponents of mechanical keyboards for computers argue that the tactile feedback, and the fact that each key is on its own individual lever, reduces the potential for incorrect keystrokes. I don't hold to that; I'm pretty sure it's the sound of a mechanical keyboard that really makes people enjoy it. Regardless of how a physical (or virtual) keyboard works, the sound of fingertips hitting keys is the sound of work getting done. Few things sound as industrious as the clatter of a mechanical keyboard or, better yet, the shotgun-like "chack chack" of a typewriter.


Hands On: Photos 1.0 (OS X)

04/09, 7:43am

Apple's new photography app is superb

Ditch iPhoto, ditch Aperture, ditch Light -- okay, no, let's not go crazy here. You should probably keep Lightroom if you have it and definitely also Photoshop or Pixelmator. Hold on to those because Apple's new Photos app does not replace them -- but it is so very good that you'll find yourself using them less. You may also find yourself taking more photos. You just won't realize that the first time you open up Photos. This free app, included in the new OS X 10.10.3, is a very bald, white, minimalist application that initially takes some time to get going.


Hands On: Last Voyage 1.0.5 (iOS)

04/08, 6:52pm

What if we dropped everything but the monolith bits from 2001?

Last Voyage by Semidome is a series of mysterious and visually-striking puzzles. The player is given little to no explanation or context for these puzzles, and figuring out the goal is as much a part of the puzzle as actually slotting everything into place. Throughout the experience, there seemed to be some kind of story that was always, tantalizingly, just out of reach.


Hands On: 80 Days 1.1.1 (iOS)

04/08, 3:01pm

Combining choose-your-own-adventure elements mixed with travel strategy

Is there such a genre as "Travel Strategy?" We suppose if there is, it would have started with Oregon Trail. In 80 Days by inkle, there's considerably fewer broken legs and people dying of dysentery, although at one point we were trying to stay ahead of a cholera outbreak. The game is, as the name would suggest, based on the book Around the World In 80 Days by Jules Verne. Everybody always talks about the English Gentleman, Phineas Fogg, but as anybody who has played 80 Days knows, the real brains of the adventure was his French Valet, Passepartout, and it's the role of the valet the player takes on.


Hands On: Privacy Envelope (OS X)

04/08, 12:00pm

Encrypt attachments before emailing them

People do tend to believe that a Word attachment is emailed out across the Internet as exactly that, a Word attachment: they don't realize that it's converted into something else for transmission. Similarly, people tend to think that an email leaves their computer and goes directly to their recipient's machine: they don't realize how many, many and three times many other computers that email may pass through on the way. In theory, someone using one of those computers along the way could intercept the email, and obtain a copy of that Word attachment. So that's what Privacy Envelope is designed to do: it is built to stop even the incredibly remote possibility of anyone getting their paws on your attachment.



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