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Samsung outlines healthcare plans, introduces Simband reference design

05/28, 3:16pm

Samsung Simband has collection of biometric sensors, feeds data to SAMI cloud service

Samsung is continuing its push into the healthcare device market, by working on ways to use sensors to monitor the body. At its Voice Of The Body event in San Francisco, Samsung unveiled Simband, a reference design wearable device that collects biometric data and incorporates it into the Samsung Architecture Multimodal Interactions (SAMI) cloud platform.


LA office theft potentially releases personal info on 168,500 patients

03/10, 11:40am

Intent of theft unknown, patients being informed a month after theft

Medical and personal information for up to 168,500 patients are potentially at risk, following a computer theft in Los Angeles, California. The Sunderland Healthcare Solutions office was broken into on February 5, and computers with the data were purloined. Public notification of the potential data breach started going out on March 6, a month after the theft. Data at risk held on the computers that were taken are patients' full names, Social Security numbers, some medical information limited to diagnoses, birth dates, and addresses.


Briefly: iPhone vision test, Cloud Mate, Lightning mounts

04/18, 2:00am

FDA approves iPhone app for monitoring deteriorating vision

Vital Art and Science has debuted a new iPhone app to allow patients with degenerative eye conditions such as macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy to monitor their condition at home. The program, called myVisionTrack, is meant to supplement visits to eye care professionals by giving users a method of assessing their own vision function, as seen in the video below. The program stores test results and can even automatically alert healthcare providers if a sudden deterioration is detected. Currently the FDA approval is available only for the iPhone 4S and thus the app is pre-loaded onto iPhones by the company itself, but a downloadable version has been submitted for clinical trials and eventual clearance.


Sony considers TV set-top health monitoring device

04/20, 12:15am

Combo device and TV could send data to doctors

In 2010, Sony filed patent application 20120095302, describing a device that attaches to the wrist and transmits personal health data to a set-top box connected to your television and the Internet. Said data can be monitored real time by the viewer, and potentially transmitted on command or automatically to a health provider. No patent has been awarded as of yet.


Microsoft exec shows Kinect avatars for healthcare industry

06/23, 10:55pm

Avatars paired with patients, doctors, groups

Microsoft appears to be previewing ways for its Kinect technology to be utilized in new market segments, as the company's research and strategy head, Craig Mundie, shows how the system could be used in a healthcare setting. In a demonstration at the Pacific Health Summit in Seattle, the executive demonstrated a diabetes support group meeting in a virtual setting using their avatars rather than typical video conferencing feeds.


GE, Airstrip collaborate on EKGs on iPhone, iPad

04/04, 8:05pm

Doctors can monitor, diagnose patients remotely

GE Healthcare and Airstrip Technologies have developed an application for iOS devices that can make a continuous flow of electrocardiograph (ECG) data from a patient sent directly from hospitals or EMS units like ambulances available to doctors no matter where they are. Using Airstrip Cardiology (free), clinical information from 12- and 15-lead ECG machines can be read, zoomed in, and checked again previous tests in near real-time.


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