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Hillcrest Labs brings Freespace motion control to mobiles

03/26, 7:10am

Hillcrest Labs enhances smartphone motion control

Hillcrest Labs has announced that it is has developed a motion control platform called Freespace to address the mobile space. The company already licenses its motion control technology to company’s including LG, Sony and Roku, and has developed its motion control solution for Android and future Windows 8 tablet and Windows Phone 8 handset makers. Its Freespace software is based on its MotionEngine technology and offers smartphone makers a new level of motion control in their handsets using existing accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers built into smartphones. Ultimately, users will be the ones to benefit from its advances.


Hillcrest launches Scoop Pointer air mouse, more

08/31, 12:25pm

Improves motion sensing accuracy and relability

Hillcrest Labs has unleashed a new portfolio of motion control products for CE vendors and consumers. For manufacturers, the company has released the Freespace MotionEngine, an embedded software platform for inertial and magnetic sensors. For end users, Hillcrest announced the Scoop Pointer, a follow-on in-air mouse to its Loop product, which it released in 2009.


Hillcrest confirms Hulu blocking web browser

03/22, 3:40pm

Hulu now known banning TV browser

Hillcrest Labs confirmed its suspicions Monday afternoon with word that Hulu is deliberately blocking its new Kylo web browser from playing videos on the site. Dan Simpkins, Hillcrest's CEO, didn't get an explanation but believed that Hulu saw the TV-friendly interface as enough of a threat to conventional services by itself that it had to be banned. The executive was optimistic that talks would change Hulu's attitude.


Hillcrest intros TV web browser; already blocked by Hulu?

03/22, 11:45am

Kylo aims at Mac and Windows HTPCs

Loop pointer creator Hillcrest Labs began its week through Kylo, one of the first web browsers explicitly meant for home theater PCs. The app gives a Mac or Windows PC an interface designed for the larger sizes and longer viewing distances of modern flat panels. Both the user interfaces and fonts are larger, and most toolbars are moved out of the way to make room for the page; an on-screen keyboard reduces the need for a peripheral beyond a mouse.


Hillcrest Labs outs Loop in-air pointer

06/15, 1:40pm

Hillcrest outs Loop mouse

Hillcrest Labs on Monday released its Loop pointer meant for users who connect their TV sets to a Mac or PC. Using an in-air pointing and motion control technology dubbed Freespace, the pointer lets users control an on-screen cursor without the need for a mouse and a surface. The controller otherwise has four buttons and a scroll wheel, and connects wirelessly over RF through a USB transceiver. Range is up to 30 feet and line-of-sight to the receiver is not required.


ITC to investigate alleged Wii patent infringement

09/18, 3:55pm

ITC involved in Wii patent

Hillcrest Laboratories recently filed a lawsuit and patent infringement against Nintendo Co Ltd. over its use of the motion controller technology and a Wednesday report indicates the US International Trade Commission has agreed to investigate the matter. If the ITC finds Nintendo used infringed technology, it could bar the sale of the Wii gaming console from the US market. Nintendo, meanwhile, has said it did not infringe on Hillcrest’s intellectual property and intends to “vigorously defend” itself.



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