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Photos show supposed front panel, batteries for iPhone 6

04/15, 9:48am

Number of leaks continues to ramp up

New photos may have revealed more components for the next-generation iPhone, usually nicknamed the iPhone 6. An image from Chinese site Sina Weibo shows what's claimed to be a front panel for the device. Next to it for comparison is an iPhone 5s; while the panel has similar cutouts, it's also considerably larger, and sports thinner side bezels. This is consistent with most reports about the new iPhone. Apple is also believed to be working a on 5.5-inch model, though, whereas the panel seems closer to the anticipated 4.7-inch size.


Apple considering hiking price of iPhone 6 by $100, says analyst

04/14, 12:11pm

Might theoretically be justified by larger screen size

Apple has been asking carriers for approval to raise the base subsidized price of the iPhone 6 from $199 to $299, claims Jefferies analyst Peter Misek. The carriers have allegedly balked at the idea so far. Apple could potentially justify the increase due to the phone's bigger size; it's unclear in fact if the hike would apply to the 4.7-inch model or the 5.5-inch one, since Misek refers to just one iPhone 6. Many shoppers would likely assume a 5.5-inch phone would be more expensive.


Photos show alleged schematics, molds for iPhone 6 [u]

04/14, 10:38am

Existence of molds suggests Foxconn almost ready to go into production

(Updated with Nowhereelse mold photo) Photos posted to Chinese site Sina Weibo show what appear to be schematics and case molds for a next-generation iPhone. The schematics indicate a design roughly consistent with current iPhones, including touches like chamfered edges and thin bezels. It's difficult to determine size, but one obvious difference is the phone's depth, which is even thinner than the iPhone 5s.


Image shows first alleged iPhone 6 cases

04/11, 11:04am

Leaks emerging from Apple suppliers?

A new photo shows what are alleged to be two of the first third-party cases produced for the iPhone 6. While there are no earlier iPhones or accessories in the image for comparison, the cases are said to fit 4.7- and 5.5/5.7-inch devices. One unusual aspect of their design is the presence of an extra cutout on one side, and what appears to be a relocated power button cutout on top. It's unclear what the additional cutout might be for.


Alleged case model may hint at dimensions of iPhone 6

04/10, 2:40pm

Suggests new phone will be extremely thin

A virtual model from a Chinese casemaker, Elam, is purported to show the dimensions of the next-generation iPhone, reports say. While similar in some respects to the iPhone 5s, the model depicts a device that's larger vertically and horizontally, yet even thinner depthwise. That thinness is presumably possible because Apple has more lateral space available for internal parts.


New rumors put 4.7-inch iPhone in July production, 5.5-inch in Sept.

04/09, 9:29am

May back earlier claim of staggered launches

A 4.7-inch iPhone will start production in July, but a 5.5-inch model will only enter manufacturing in September, claims Taiwanese publication the Industrial & Commercial Times. July production would be in keeping with Apple's normal September/October iPhone launch window; starting in September, though, would imply a launch in late October at best, and most likely November. Apple typically needs two months to churn out enough units to meet launch demand.


Apple suppliers to start producing next-gen iPhone displays in May

04/01, 9:49am

4.7-inch phones first, 5.5-inch phone 'could be delayed'

Apple's suppliers should start mass production of next-generation iPhone displays in May, in preparation for a launch expected this fall, according to supply chain sources in contact with Reuters. In keeping with earlier rumors, the suppliers are said to include Sharp, LG Display, and Japan Display. The sources claim that 4.7-inch displays should enter production first, while 5.5-inch screens could be delayed. Reuters describes both sizes as belonging to the iPhone 6, but it's unclear if Apple itself will use the same distinction.


Photos show alleged test unit for next-gen iPhone

03/31, 12:45pm

Details include larger chassis, protruding lens section

New photos posted on Chinese site Weibo may show a test unit for the iPhone 6. The images are said to have been leaked from Apple's primary manufacturer, Foxconn, but no other details are available. They are however consistent with recent rumors calling for a thin, iPad mini-like chassis paired with a much larger display. A lens ring appears to protrude from the test unit's camera, much like the Nexus 5 and other phones that have advanced optics such as image stabilization.


Briefly: iOS Facebook hits 8.0, rumor of Pegatron iPhone 6 production

03/18, 2:04am

Facebook iOS apps add speed, new photo-sharing options for iPad, iPhone

Only a month after Facebook issued version 7.0 of its eponymous iOS app, the company has jumped to version 8.0, offering an updated design for iPad users that makes it easier to post and share on the tablet, and adding a simpler way of sharing photo albums and choosing who gets to see them. In addition, the company says the new version contains improvements for reliability and speed.


iPhone 6 could include atmospheric sensors, rumor says

03/17, 9:31am

May be attempt to catch up in sensor race with other smartphones

The next-generation flagship iPhone -- generally expected to be called the iPhone 6 -- may include a series of atmospheric sensors. ESM-China news chief analyst Sun Chang Xu claims to have learned from sources that the phone will include air pressure, temperature, and humidity sensors, allowing it to gauge local weather without having to pull data from the Internet. While the authenticity of the claim is hard to verify, the addition may be likely, since Samsung has included atmospheric sensors in some of its devices since the Galaxy S4.


Opinion: How will Apple maintain usability on a larger iPhone?

02/22, 4:36am

A larger iPhone 6 could bring Apple challenges for general usability

If the rumor mill is to be given any credence, Apple will be releasing an iPhone with a larger display, possibly between 4.5 and 4.8-inches, along with a larger 5.5-inch or 6-inch 'phablet' later this year. Although Apple has been content to run its own race historically, the rise in popularity of large Android smartphones, and the expectations of Wall Street, almost demands that Apple offers an iPhone that appeals to users who prefer larger displays. In fact, it would be more of surprise come the unveiling of the 'iPhone 6' if Apple were to release only another 4-inch device. Until now, Apple's seeming reluctance to embrace a larger iPhone has revolved around one-handed usability and what it considers to be unacceptable trade-offs that compromise the user experience. If Apple does indeed launch an iPhone with a larger display, how will it maintain the usability of an iPhone with a larger display?


First line-up for iPhone 6 begins in Japan

02/15, 1:00pm

Performance artist begins queuing before release announcement

A Japanese blogger decided to line up for the iPhone 6, after being spurned of his chance to be the first person in line for an iPhone 5. Apple fan and performance artist Yoppy donned his iPhone cosplay, and started queuing for the new phone outside of the flagship Apple store in Tokyo, Japan, likely to wait for months before an official announcement will be made about its release by the company.


Sources claim new iPhones will use 4.7-, 5.5-inch sapphire displays

02/12, 9:28am

Pixel density seen jumping to 441ppi

Apple is planning to ship two next-generation iPhones with 4.7- and 5.5-inch displays, say sources for the South China Morning Post. The sources have allegedly seen the prototypes, and in spite of recent rumors, claim that the phones will use a sapphire protective layer. The Apple/GT Advanced sapphire plant in Arizona is believed to have the capacity to churn out tens or hundreds of millions of sapphire screen covers.


iPhone 6, Galaxy S5 may both have bezelless designs, source claims

02/11, 1:31pm

Suggests fingerprint tech might be built into screens

Both the Apple iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 -- the latter of which is expected to be announced later this month -- will feature bezelless screens, possibly with fingerprint scanners built in, a source tells the Korea Herald. In the case of the S5, the fingerprint technology will allegedly be limited to the bottom of the screen, where Samsung is also said to be planning to ditch hardware buttons in favor of software controls. The person comments that while doing whole-screen fingerprint scanning may be possible in the later half of 2014, there are still technical obstacles to overcome.


WSJ: Apple launching two new iPhones in 2014, one over 5 inches

01/23, 12:41pm

Plastic of iPhone 5c to disappear, sources claim

Apple is planning to ship two new iPhone models this year, one of which will have a display over 5 inches, sources tell the Wall Street Journal. The other is expected to measure over 4.5 inches. Otherwise the phones are expected to take after the style of the iPhone 5s, and the plastic exterior of the iPhone 5c will allegedly be discontinued. The new devices are forecast to debut in the second half of 2014; the smaller phone is said to be ready for mass production, but the bigger one is reportedly in "preliminary development."


iPhone 6 design allegedly 'locked down,' including 4.8-inch display

01/22, 4:37pm

Phone also expected to make jump to 802.11ac Wi-Fi

Apple has effectively "locked down" most of the design of the iPhone 6, claims Cowen and Company analyst Timothy Arcuri. He cites sources in Apple's supply chain, and contends that the phone will have a 4.8-inch display, making it more competitive with devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the Moto X. He also suggests that Apple will upgrade to 802.11ac Wi-Fi, letting the device take advantage of modern Macs and routers, as well as gigabit Internet connections in regions that have them.


DisplaySearch predicts larger Retina screen for 'iPhone 6'

01/14, 11:42pm

Also bets on possible AMOLED screen for rumored 'iWatch' device

Computer research firm DisplaySearch has published its 2014 tech forecast, and is predicting that the next-generation iPhone (expected to arrive next fall) will sport a dramatically larger display. The report -- which is not based on any insider knowledge, but has in the past been known to guess correctly on Apple's moves -- calls for as large as a 5.5-inch high-resolution display. The company also believes Apple may use AMOLED display technology for its rumored "iWatch."


TSMC gearing up to build iPhone 6 fingerprint sensors, report says

01/14, 1:03pm

Switching away from subcontracting could improve production quality

TSMC will start producing fingerprint sensors for the next-generation iPhone in the second quarter, industry sources claim. The supplier will reportedly use a 65nm process at its 12-inch fab, and also bring backend wafer-level chip scale packaging in-house, instead of subcontracting it. In-house packaging is expected to improve production yields; trouble with manufacturing fingerprint sensors is often believed to be the reason the iPhone 5s shipped in such low numbers last September.


Patent filing may back plans for camera stabilization in iPhone 6

01/10, 11:42am

Tech could migrate to other iOS devices

A newly-published Apple patent application may back rumors that Apple is planning to add optical image stabilization to the iPhone 6. The filing describes a camera with both OIS and autofocus features, compressed into a module small enough to fit into a smartphone or tablet. In Apple's implementation, OIS functions would be integrated into the voice coil motor actuators used for autofocus.


Report: Pegatron wins contract, will make half of 'iPhone 6' supply

01/09, 7:42pm

New factory being built near Shanghai to handle expected demand

An unsourced report from a Taiwanese trade paper has reported that electronics manufacturer Pegatron will supply approximately half of the future "iPhone 6" orders from Apple. The company says it is building a new factory to meet future demand, and expects to grow revenues by Tw$68 billion ($2.6 billion US) over the course of 2014. Pegatron already produces iPhones and other items for Apple, and various electronics for other manufacturers.


Largan sees stock dip on rumors iPhone 6 will retain 8MP camera

01/09, 11:23am

Camera may offer other improvements like optical image stabilization

Shares for iPhone camera module supplier Largan Precision took a major hit yesterday, following rumors Apple won't be changing the resolution of the iPhone 6 camera, according to the China Post. Nomura Securities analysts brought the rumors to the fore, which suggest that Apple will keep resolution at 8 megapixels instead of bumping up to 16 megapixels, as anticipated by some others. A few rival phones -- like the Sony Xperia Z1 -- are already above that figure, and Nokia's Lumia 1020 has a colossal 41-megapixel sensor.


Rumor has Apple launching 4.7- and 5.7-inch iPhones in 2014

01/03, 12:20pm

Reports still conflicting on possible sizes

Later this year, Apple is planning to release iPhones with displays measuring 4.7 and 5.7 inches, according to Chinese site C Technology. The information is alleged to come from anonymous Foxconn executives. It's expected that both phones will come with biometric features, such as the Touch ID sensor already in the iPhone 5s.


iPhone 6 could be one-handed 5-inch device, report claims

10/29, 10:14am

Apple may attempt to play up current iPhone advantage

Apple may give the iPhone 6 a 5-inch, 1080p display, but design it such that people can still use it one-handed, claims Japanese magazine Mac Fan. A number of smartphones -- like the Galaxy S4 -- are already at or over the 5-inch mark, but are so wide that one or both hands have to be dedicated to holding them. The iPhone 6 may get around this by making its side bezels as "thin as possible," presumably taking design cues from the iPad mini and iPad Air. On the Mini, at least, Apple uses palm detection technology to allow people to rest part of their hands on-screen without making accidental taps or gestures.


Jefferies restores 'buy' rating to Apple stock, sets $600 target

10/07, 10:32am

Claims iPhone 6 will have 4.8-inch screen

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek has upgraded Apple stock from a "hold" to a "buy" rating, and set a new $600 price target. The change is attributed to a talk Misek had with suppliers, who are allegedly becoming more flexible with their component pricing. Apple's profits depend heavily on its ability to secure cheap parts, since the company is mostly inflexible when it comes to retail pricing.


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