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IDC: Apple in second behind Xiaomi in China, Samsung plummets

02/18, 12:47pm

Company's iPhone 6 lineup took country by storm, reflecting other markets

Research firm IDC has reported that the established order of dominance in the Chinese smartphone market has crumbled, with Apple's iPhone 6 lineup pushing the Cupertino manufacturer into second place in the market, a doubling of its position from 2013. Low-cost Chinese maker Xiaomi took first place with just slightly better performance than Apple, while Samsung -- previously the unchallenged top seller -- fell to fifth place in marketshare.


ComScore: iOS continuing to grow share against Android in US

07/04, 8:03pm

Android dominant but stagnant, no growth despite arrival of Galaxy S5

According to the latest statistics from ComScore MobilLens and Mobile Metrix, Android remains the most widely-used mobile OS in the US -- but has stagnated in terms of growth, while Apple iOS devices slowly climb. As of the end of May, iOS accounted for 41.9 percent share of US smartphone users, a gain of 0.6 points from the month before. Android overall remained steady at 52.1 percent marketshare, but Apple continued to be the top individual manufacturer.


Report: Microsoft under price pressure to lower cost of Windows

02/21, 11:10pm

Considering discounts of up to 70 percent for low-cost device licenses

Having seen its share pummelled by mobile devices that continue to eat into traditional notebook and desktop PC sales, Microsoft is said to be looking at discounts to Windows licensing on low-cost hardware in an effort to regain marketshare, Bloomberg reports. Citing unnamed sources "familiar with the matter," the move is intended to fight back against the consumer move to tablets and smartphones as substitutes for much of what desktop and notebook PCs used to do.


CIRP: Apple regains US smartphone lead thanks to new iPhones

01/30, 10:52pm

Also gaining ground on Samsung in US; BlackBerry falls to zero percent

The latest report from the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) panel shows Apple retook its lead in US smartphone marketshare against the combined forces of Android competitors following the release of new iPhone models in October. The figures, which cover the last quarter of 2013, show that iOS outsold Android by 48 percent to 46 percent, Apple outsold rival Samsung 48 to 31 percent, and that BlackBerry has officially fallen to zero percent marketshare.


Windows 8 desktop finally surpasses OS X global marketshare

09/02, 4:00pm

Windows XP, 7 make up vast majority of Windows base years after release

It took nearly a year since its official release -- and two years since its first preview release -- but Windows 8 for desktop and notebook computers has finally overtaken OS X's global share by a tenth of a percentage point, a staggering commercial rejection that ranks among the Redmond giant's least successful releases. According to Net Applications, which analyzes browser use and web traffic, Windows 8 now has 7.41 percent of all desktop OS web share as of August -- compared to 7.3 percent for the combined 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 base.


IDC: iPad still tops in China, but competitors gaining ground

08/23, 12:04am

Expected new models may halt slide in shipments, marketshare

Even though Apple actually shipped a great deal more iPads to China in the June quarter than it had a year prior -- an increase of 28 percent -- it still lost nearly half its marketshare in the country, IDC reports. The iPad remains the most popular tablet in China, but competitors are gaining ground at a rapid pace -- at least in terms of shipments, the only measure of popularity available in the region.


Report: iPhone still top seller at AT&T, Galaxy S4 tops other carriers

06/05, 7:54pm

Survey based on surveys of cellular dealers, shows sharp difference

On the heels of a recent study showing the Android platform losing ground in US marketshare to rival Apple, Canaccord Genuity has released data showing that Samsung's Galaxy S4 took the top seller position at three of the four major US carriers' outlets in May -- with the exception being AT&T, where the eight-month-old iPhone 5 continues to be the most popular model. The survey, which only checked direct carrier stores' sales of handsets, gave the S4 the top spot at Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon, with the iPhone in second place at all three.


Comscore: Apple continues to gain smartphone share in US market

05/03, 7:00pm

Android, BlackBerry losing share months after iPhone 5 debut

Though the combined sales of Android smartphones continues to best Apple as a platform, Google's mobile OS continued to lose marketshare in the US in the latest quarterly comScore survey, as Apple solidified its position as market leader despite the lack of any new iPhone model in since before the holidays. Apple's share of the US smartphone market is now 39 percent, up 2.7 percent since December. Though Samsung was able to increase its US share slightly, the other three major Android vendors all lost ground in the most recent quarter.


Report: Windows 7, XP retain dominance; OS X 10.8 gains share

04/01, 3:34pm

Both Win 7, XP falling slowly, OS X 10.8 climbing at expense of 10.7

A new report finds that at the end of the first quarter of 2013, the landscape of the user base of the desktop and laptop operating systems has changed somewhat since the end of 2012, according to data published by Netmarketshare. The research firm says that Windows 7 continues to dominate the worldwide landscape with 44.73 percent of the total worldwide PC user base. Noteworthy numbers include Windows 8 climbing to 3.17 percent, and Windows XP holding a commanding second place at 38.73 percent, but falling gently. Mac OS X 10.8 has climbed to 2.65 percent, mostly at the expense of OS X 10.7 dropping to 1.81 percent.


Apple again dominates US smartphones sales over Android

01/22, 7:12pm

Second month running shows continued strong demand for iPhone

Apple's iOS platform has managed to capture the lead marketshare in the US for a second month running, according to data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech monitoring American smartphone sales for the past 12 weeks ending on the 23rd of December. As with the last report, iPhone sales accounted for the majority of overall sales at 51.2 percent, a drop from the previous 12-week total of 53.3 percent but a huge gain from the same quarter a year ago. Android share suffered only a small year-over-year drop.


Report: Mountain Lion overtakes predecessors in OS X share

01/04, 7:00pm

Took only half the time Lion did to best Snow Leopard

Mac OS X 10.8.x, known as Mountain Lion and the current release of the operating system, has accounted for a majority share of the web traffic from Macs for the first time, according to new figures from web statistics firm Net Marketshare. The crowning comes just five months after the release of Mountain Lion, and took about half the time it took Lion (10.7) to take the lead position away from Snow Leopard (10.6) as the most popular version of OS X.


Apple, Google both increase smartphone share over summer

09/28, 1:31am

Android not growing as fast as iOS, both stealing from others

Apple's iOS mobile platform and Google's Android platform continued to grow marketshare in smartphone use, mostly at the expense of rival platforms such as BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Symbian. While the Android platform overall remained the most widely-used at 52.2 percent (an increase of 1.4 percent from April), Apple's three-model iOS platform grew at a rate of two percent, despite the then-assumed imminent arrival of the iPhone 5. Google and Apple's combined gain of 3.4 percent almost exactly matches the loss from other platforms, at three percent.


Report: OS X surpasses Windows Vista in usage stats

09/03, 10:20am

Windows 7 finally overtakes Windows XP in usage

Two milestones can be found in the latest monthly data from Net Applications, heralding good news for both Apple and Microsoft. The combined active base of OS X use surpassed that of Windows Vista for the first time, and Windows 7 became the first Windows version to top the marketshare of the perennial Windows XP, nearly three years after its release and just before it is due to be replaced with Windows 8.


Report: Apple reaches 70 percent of tablet market share

08/15, 10:29am

Survey does not yet account for Google's Nexus 7 tablet

Research firm IHS iSuppli has released a report on marketshare in tablets by volume shipped that shows Apple up significantly once again in the tablet market, reaching 70 percent share in Q2 -- the highest level in more than a year. Shipping volumes do not necessarily have a direct correlation with sales, as Samsung demonstrated in the current Apple patent trial when it was forced to reveal that despite shipping millions of tablets, it actually sold only a small percentage.


Comscore Data: Samsung, Android tops, Apple iOS gaining

06/01, 8:30pm

RIM, Microsoft, Symbian all losing marketshare

Comscore's quarterly report on mobile marketshare was released today, and holds few surprises. More than 107 million people in the US owned smartphones in the period ending April 12, up six percent since January. In excess of 234 million Americans aged 13 and over used mobile devices of some type, not necessarily just smartphones, during this timeframe. Apple and Samsung-manufactured phone percentages continue to climb, at the expense of LG, Motorola, and HTC. Subscriber bases show similar trends, with Android and the iOS leading the pack and climbing, with RIM, Microsoft, and Symbian falling.



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