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Briefly: Samsung's LeBron Twitter issue, EE offers 4G in France

03/13, 6:22am

LeBron James reveals phone issue in Samsung Twitter mistake

Despite Samsung recently enjoying success with marketing on Twitter as part of the Oscars, the company has suffered a social media misstep. Brand ambassador and Basketball star LeBron James posted a message claiming his phone, a Galaxy Note, "just erased everything it had in it and rebooted," and though Apple Insider notes the tweet was subsequently deleted, it was not removed before a contingent of the star's near-12 million followers retweeted the message. The Twitter account has since claimed data has been restored on the device, but did not detail if there was any intervention by Samsung.


Briefly: SurveyMonkey's mobile app, Samba video messaging for iOS

02/21, 11:58am

SurveyMonkey releases new app for survey tools on iOS

Online survey tool provider SurveyMonkey has launched an app for mobile creation and monitoring of surveys. Currently only available for iOS devices, the app features an intuitive user interface that facilitates the writing and designing of surveys and polls, as well as the sending of completed surveys to anyone via the Web, email or social media. Users can keep track of survey responses as they are received, and SurveryMonkey's analytics tool can organize, compare and filter data results. SurveyMonkey is a free download through iTunes, with Pro subscription options available ($24 monthly, $200 annual) that allow users to personalize the app with one's company logo, have access to more templates, and more.


Briefly: Twitter site revamp, Motorola Assist adds hands-free texting

01/14, 11:15am

Twitter updating look of website to match its iOS and Android apps

Social media service Twitter has initiated rolling out an update to its website, with the aim to mirror the aesthetic approach to that of its app versions to iOS and Android. Users will be able to personalize their profile more than previously, with the settings menu including an option to add accent colors. The navigation bar is a different color and style than before, and some icons have been redesigned.


Apple confirms acquisition of social media analyst Topsy Labs

12/02, 7:40pm

Company studies Twitter tweets to determine trends, ad effectiveness, more

Apple has confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that it has purchased social media analysis firm Topsy Labs for over $200 million, though the final price was not disclosed. The company declined to elaborate on why it acquired Topsy, which is mainly known for its analysis of Twitter's output of both tweets and user data -- but its ability to target ads to iTunes Radio and mobile users, find "influencers" or use Twitter's data on music tastes to help shape iTunes Radio stations are all among the possibilities.


SEC greenlights investor updates via Twitter, Facebook

04/02, 6:52pm

New policy follows Netflix CEO investigation

The Securities and Exchange Commission has revised its reporting requirements, enabling companies to use social media to announce information that could be of interest to investors. The Commission cites its investigation into a Facebook post by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, which noted viewership metrics and drove up the company's stock value, as the driving force behind its reconsideration and clarification of the current Regulation FD reporting requirements.


Rumor: CNN to buy Mashable for $200 million

03/12, 7:55am

CNN set to close largest tech news acquisition

A rumor has circulated as SXSW that CNN is getting ready to acquire Mashable for $200 million. Reuters blogger Felix Salmon has posted a quick report saying that he had been told by ‘a little birdy’ that CNN is on the verge of purchasing the social media blog. According to Salmon, a source tells him that the announcement is expected on Tuesday.


Kazaa revived as legal iPhone, iPad music service

09/20, 8:25am

Lets users listen offline, see friends' playlists

Former filesharing service Kazaa has released an app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. The app allows subscribers to listen to an unlimited amount of music for a monthly fee. It can download songs and save playlists for offline listening. The Kazaa app also provides a social media function that shows subscribers what songs their friends are listening to or recommend.


Glassboard offers on-the-fly, private group chat for iOS

08/22, 8:55pm

Only group leaders can invite members to join

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter offer users a way to talk to a larger, worldwide community -- but sometimes, a more private group chat would be better. That's the idea behind Glassboard, a new iOS app that allows users to create and invite others to participate in a private chat that is not searchable or discoverable to other users or outsiders. Only the group initiator can invite others to join. The chats can share location, pictures, videos and texts with only people known to them, according to the company.


Flixster Collections hits beta, unites iTunes, Hulu, Netflix

08/04, 10:10am

Social media lets friends rate movies, video

Warner Brothers' social movie portal Flixter Collections entered public beta yesterday. The free service integrates with Amazon, Apple iTunes, Hulu and Netflix accounts and can be used to launch each of those services. Flixter can be configured to share media from a local hard drive. The site also connects users with movies still in theaters, with links to movie reviews, trailers and online ticketing.


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