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Hands On: Carrot Weather (iOS)

03/21, 8:58am

Our favorite robot overlord rises up again in well designed weather app

Ah, Carrot. She's our favorite of a wide array of choices for robot overlords, and the mascot for the Carrot series of apps. If you weren't aware, we had checked out Carrot To-Do a while back, which is a productivity app that keeps you productive with a strange mix of death threats and achievements. Currently, there are quite a few Carrot apps, and they're planning to add more to their collection, but today we'll take a look at Carrot Weather, because maybe your meteorologist should be a murderous robot.


Hands On: Fresh Air Weather (iOS)

03/05, 11:17am

Visually pleasing while putting weather in context with your life.

There are places in the world where the weather is extreme, but people who live there know how to deal with it. There are places in the world where weather remains constant, except for certain parts of the year when everybody freaks out. No matter where you live, there are a few things you can be sure of. Two of them are that the sun rises and sets, and that atmospheric conditions will create some kind of environment people may or may not need to prepare for. Fresh Air by Backcountry Studios, seeks to take a topic most people see as banal, the weather, and put it in context with what's going on in your life.


Hands On: Live Weather Forecast (iOS)

02/19, 11:47am

Beautiful weather app offers both style and smarts

Weather apps are all over the App Store; from the big, well known ones, to the simple newcomers. Often, these apps tend to go the route of utility, sacrificing style for pure function, or they sacrifice all of their function for an attractive design. If you're trying to find an app that is as smart as it is beautiful, we think there's a solid argument to be made for Live Weather Forecast by Shreya Infotech.


Hands On: Weather Dial (iOS)

02/03, 8:30pm

A gorgeous, minimalist weather app -- yes, another one

It's now death, taxes, and weather apps that are inevitable. We get them all, and with the exception of death, we seem to get them a lot. You could genuinely use a different weather app each day for the next two years and seven months without repeating -- we found over 1,000 on the App Store before we went cross-eyed and gave up. Make today's one be Weather Dial 2.


Hands On: Solar (iOS)

02/03, 4:44pm

Header: Beautifully designed weather app for the iPhone

There's no denying that apps are great. There's an app for almost everything at this point, and many are loaded with more features than we can even make use of. While we're appreciative of developers who strive to cover all their bases, there are times we don't want to be overwhelmed as well. Sometimes, less is more. Solar, by Hollr, Inc, is one such example.


Hands On: MeteoEarth (iOS)

01/21, 4:24pm

Monitor the weather in detail from your pocket

Meteorology is a fascinating topic, and one that is freely available for most people to study, provided they know where to look. Monitoring the national weather websites is a great place to start, but if you're looking for something more portable, MeteoEarth by MeteoGroup Deutschland is like having a weather station in your pocket.


Hands On: Weather Wall (OS X)

01/12, 4:06am

Beautiful Mac wallpapers chosen to match the weather near you

You could just look out of your window, of course, but Weather Wall aims to set your wallpaper to an image that's right for the weather where you are. But if you ever had views like these from your office window, you would not stay sitting at your desk. These wallpaper shots are simply beautiful.


Briefly: VirusBarrier blocks OSX/Crisis.B., MeteoEarth for Mac

01/09, 10:06am

Trojan horse Flashback botnet returns, Intego VirusBarrier includes protection

The Flashback botnet -- a malware attack which first appeared in 2011 -- has been noted as being still a threat in 2014, according to Intego. Beginning January 2, Intego studied command and control domains, and its sinkhole servers recorded all connections from Macs where Flashback is still active, trying to contact the command and control servers. This research, as of Tuesday, counted 14,248 unique identifiers of Flashback variants.


Briefly: Nokia ships WP8 Amber update, Yahoo Weather for Android

08/15, 3:43pm

Nokia commences rollout of Amber update to Lumia phones

Nokia has started to roll out the Amber update for Lumia devices running on Windows Phone 8. The rollout, set to occur throughout August until the end of September according to Nokia Conversations, will introduce the Smart Camera app, improved image processing, the Nokia Pro Camera for Lumia 920, 925, and 928; Nokia Glance Screen for when phones are inactive, faster map updates, changes to Xbox Music and Internet Explorer, and a new FM radio app.


Briefly: Microsoft updates Weather App, Budweiser Facebook glasses

04/29, 10:12am

Microsoft update for Windows 8 Weather app includes ski resort data

Microsoft has updated its Weather app for Windows 8. The changes include new interactive and dynamically-moving weather maps for cities and regions, satellite images, temperature and precipitation levels, cloud cover, and radar pictures. The Bing blog also notes that weather details for ski resorts in 31 countries around the world are also provided in the update.


Google updates Crisis Map to help with Hurricane Sandy

10/29, 4:47am

Map system tracks hurricane, weather patterns, escape routes

Google has updated its Crisis Map to cover Hurricane Sandy, with a view to helping people survive the weather event. The map can be used to track the storm, as well as provide regional alerts and other information that would be useful in such an emergency, and is similar to the Crisis Map used by those affected by Hurricane Issac.


Updates for iPad: iDraw, AccuWeather

05/16, 9:00pm

From vector maps to weather maps

Two different applications for the iPad have received updates, bringing significant new features and improvements. Vector illustration and drawing program iDraw has been updated to v1.2, a major update featuring a redesigned user interface along with new tools, new features and improved SVG support. AccuWeather for iPad, available in both free and paid editions, has upgraded to v1.8 -- adding snow, ice and rain totals along with several other user-requested features.


Apps: AttendeesAlerter, Aperture2Twitter, Pantry

04/19, 9:55pm

WeatherOffice, Dictionary

  • AttendeesAlerter 1.3 ($15) is a utility that can send reminder e-mails to contacts listed within an iCal event. The application periodically checks through a user's iCal events, searches for assigned contacts and sends a reminder e-mail using Apple's Mail application. The update includes a fix for a minor bug. [Download - 5.4MB]


  • Apps: ScriptFire, Clean My Mac, SonicMood

    01/16, 5:55pm

    EarthBrowser, myTracks

  • ScriptFire 1.1 ($40) is a script-triggering and scheduling plug-in for FileMaker. ScriptFire can trigger scripts to check user input after leaving a field or record, or at an absolute/relative point in time. The software can control FileMaker windows by executing a script when a specific window comes to the front, while offering options to schedule the power management of the user's system. The update now offers compatibility with FileMaker 10. [Download - Register]


  • Lightsoft offers software for weather monitoring

    09/11, 3:25pm

    Lightsoft Weather Center

    A new application for logging and displaying real-time weather data has been released by Lightsoft. Lightsoft Weather Center maintains a weather database for analysis, and is capable of generating and uploading weather webpages via FTP. The generated pages can contain items such as current conditions, graphs, gauges, statistics, webcam images or timelapse movies. The software is also able to display weather gauges on computers attached to a local network.


    MyWeather Mobile brings weather radar to iPhone

    09/05, 4:25pm

    MyWeather displays radar

    MyWeather has published MyWeather Mobile for the iPhone, allowing users to access weather maps, conditions, forecasts and a full-screen interactive radar. The app combines Microsoft's Virtual Earth technology with animated radar, giving users a view of an area's weather patterns, along with points of interest like golf courses, stadiums and schools. With an iPhone in horizontal orientation, MyWeather enters full-screen mode, supporting pinch and flick gestures with the option of zooming down to street-level weather views.



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