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Leak has T-Mobile Jet 2.0 4G modem serving 21Mbps March 23

03/16, 8:15am

T-Mobile Jet 2.0 4G modem tipped for March 23

A leak late Tuesday gave out one of T-Mobile's plans for the CTIA phone show next week. Backing earlier rumors of the Kitty Hawk, the Jet 2.0 4G would provide a 21Mbps HSPA+ 3G connection for budget-minded travelers. TmoNews' copy doesn't mention most details but expects it to ship on March 23, likely the same day it's made public.


T-Mobile confirms leaked, 'overage-free' data plans

03/14, 11:05am

T-Mobile 10GB webConnect plan, more now official

T-Mobile lived up to rumored changes on Monday by launching its new mobile broadband plans. The 200MB, 5GB and new 10GB data-only plans cost $50 and $85 respectively, reflecting late leaks of price hikes, but can still qualify for a new 20 percent discount for those who already have a T-Mobile phone plan.


T-Mobile to offer 20 percent off with new webConnect plans

03/04, 10:55am

T-Mobile to offer 20 percent off combined plans

T-Mobile will soon offer a 20 percent discount for subscribers who combine a new webConnect broadband data plan along with a voice line, leaked documents sent in to TMoNews reveal. The new plans will arrive on March 13, and need to qualify for the discount. Thus far, the documents just say individual or pooled voice plans and a broadband plan will qualify for the 20 percent discount.


T-Mobile adds data to prepaid plans

10/13, 2:40pm

T-Mobile prepaid service gets phone, modem data

T-Mobile today became the latest US carrier to add data to its prepaid mix. Its prepaid phone plans now include a 'sweet spot' $50 monthly plan with unlimited calling and messaging but also 100MB of data. Those avoiding a subscription can also either opt for a basic $30 plan that has a mix-and-match 1,500 minutes or text messages but just 30MB of data as well as a $70 plan that merges the unlimited calling and text with 2GB of data.


T-Mobile outs Mac-ready Rocket 2.0 modem, HSPA+ phone plans

07/21, 8:30am

T-Mo 21Mbps 3G gets new modem, phone, cities

T-Mobile this morning gave its HSPA+ service a lift by adding a new modem and new coverage. The webConnect Rocket 2.0 is considerably sleeker than the original and adds a swiveling USB connector that can fit into the MacBook Air and other tight spaces. Accordingly, it improves on the earlier modems by having Mac support from the start and can provide both Macs and Windows PCs with microSDHC storage.


T-Mobile HSPA+ to hit 19 cities with new modem

07/13, 7:15pm

T-Mobile 21Mbps gets major launch, new netbook

T-Mobile's HSPA+ service should get a major expansion in just over a week, including a new netbook to match, if a tip this evening is accurate. The 21Mbps access would reach 19 new coverage areas on July 21, ranging from major cities in Ohio and Texas to the island of Hawaii and cities such as Baltimore, Kansas City, Portland and Washington, DC. It would represent one of the largest expansions of the faster 3G since it launched.


T-Mobile readying Mac-friendly, 2nd-gen webConnect 3G modem

07/12, 2:45pm

T-Mobile to release second webConnect HSPA+ modem

A couple of leaked images reveal that T-Mobile will soon offer the sequel to the webConnect Rocket 3G modem. Simply called webConnect Rocket 2.0, the modem remains the only one with HSPA+ support in the provider's lineup. The new device is also compatible with Macs as well as PCs from the outset and has a built-in microSDHC memory card slot for adding up to 16GB of storage.


T-Mobile to throttle data past 5GB, eliminate overage charge

04/27, 10:20pm

200MB plan offers halved overage charges

T-Mobile has revamped its webConnect data plans with new guidelines for overages. The new 5GB plan eliminates overage fees, however the connection is throttled if the user exceeds the monthly allowance. The company has yet to disclose specific details regarding the level of speed reduction when an account passes 5GB.


T-Mobile dates and prices HSPA+ modem, new plans

03/11, 7:35am

webConnect Rocket due Mar 14 with Even More data

T-Mobile this morning set out a more detailed launch schedule for the webConnect Rocket, its first HSPA+ modem. The 21Mbps USB-based, Mac- and Windows-compatible stick should ship on March 14th and will be available either online or in Philadelphia-area retail shops, where the first HSPA+ service is going live. Buying the stick carries a $100 price after signing a two-year data contract.



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